Winters are here and so are the fresh and juicy oranges. There is nothing like having a glass of freshly made orange juice while sitting and enjoying the winter sun in the balcony. Agree?

A glass of fresh orange juice is not just refreshing but healthy too. It has numerous health benefits and this is why it is a favourite amongst health enthusiasts. If you are an orange fan or just don't like having the fruit as is then drinking a glass of orange juice is a good option for you. Here are a few benefits of drinking this healthy juice which will make you add it to your daily diet. Read on.

Helps In Weight Loss

Orange juice has no fat and calories which makes it a great drink for those who wish to lose weight. Also, orange has a good amount of fiber present in it which keeps your stomach full for longer. You feel fuller and don't consume less amount of calories which further helps in losing weight.

Improves Bone Health

bone health orange juice

Oranges have a high amount of calcium content present in them which is great for your bones. Not only this, oranges have flavonoids that prevent joint pain and provide relief from arthritis pain. Drinking a glass of orange juice is a must for those who suffer from bone pain.

Boosts Immunity

Drinking a fresh glass of orange juice can benefit your immune system because of the vitamin C present in it. Our body needs a good amount of vitamin C everyday and its deficiency can weaken our immunity. Oranges also have ascorbic acids that promote tissue growth in the body and further help in fighting diseases.

Great For Digestive System

You must fuel your body with a good amount of fluids for a healthy digestive system. Drinking a glass of orange juice provides your body fiber which further improves digestion. It improves bowel movement and prevents any digestion related issues like diarrhea, bloating, or indigestion.

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Lowers Risk Of Cancer

orange juice healthy

Consuming a vitamin C rich diet is said to be beneficial for the body. Also,  it is said that a high vitamin C diet helps in fighting health problems like cancer. Adding orange juice to your diet can help you reduce the risk of stomach, mouth cancer as it has a good amount of vitamin C present in it. 

Great For Heart Health

Oranges have vitamin B9 and folate present in it which increases blood circulation. It also helps in purifying the blood by improving the production of red blood cells in the body. Drinking a glass of orange juice can help in lowering the blood pressure of the body which benefits heart health. Oranges also have flavonoids present in them which maintain good oxygen flow to the heart.

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Good For Eyesight

benefits orange juice

Vitamin A is essential for good eye health. Oranges have vitamin A and carotene present in it which are said to be beneficial for your eyes. Drinking orange juice protects your eye from any bacteria or infections.

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Not just for your health, drinking orange juice is also beneficial for your skin. The vitamins present in oranges helps in regenerating skin cells and make your skin look youthful. Also, it prevents skin issues like blackheads, dark spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation among other skin problems. 

Orange juice is super healthy and tasty. You must make orange juice a part of your diet for its amazing health benefits. For more such stories, stay tuned!