We always wonder what these Bollywood celebrities eat to maintain their toned bodies. Seeing them so fit, we always feel they have the healthiest ingredients on their plates. But just like all of us, these celebs have their comfort meals that they like to relish. 

Alia Bhatt is one of the fittest actresses. She spends hours in the gym and that's the secret to her well-toned body. Also, Alia Bhatt follows a strict diet plan. She usually prefers having homemade food. In an interview, Alia Bhatt shared she loved having home-cooked food. 

Alia Bhatt also revealed her favourite home-made dish. She said, "Home-cooked food is the best. I remember whenever my mom would cook pasta for me, I would ask for my dal chawal. I have always loved and been attached to dal chawal as a dish."

Alia Bhatt shared that khichdi, french fries, and dal chawal are her comfort foods.

Health Benefits Of Dal Chawal

dal chawal health benefits

Dal chawal is not just a comfort food, do you know it helps you lose weight too? Dal chawal is great for your overall health. It is packed with nutrients and carbohydrates that are essential for your body. 

Dal has proteins, iron, calcium and fiber that make it  a healthy dish. Rich is a low carb food and is rich in protein. The combination of dal and chawal fuels our body with all the essential nutrients.

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Keeping Herself Fit

alia bhatt fitness goals

Alia Bhatt shares a lot of her workout videos on her social media handles. In an interview, when she was asked about her fitness routine, she said it involves pilates, swimming, and badminton. She believes that everyone should do some physical activity everyday to keep themselves fit. 

Here is a video of Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif doing an aerobics session in the pool.


Alia's trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala shared a video of Alia Bhatt doing aerial pilates on her Instagram. Have a look:


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Alia also shared a video of herself doing pilates. She wrote, "Shooting nights can be very tiring for the body cause of the way it messes with your natural body clock.. I woke up today feeling so so exhausted.. But after monkeying around and doing some intense pilates, my energy level just shot up. The mind and body coordination during a pilates workout is like meditation for me.. If you miss even one beat of focus everything can go totally off.. And ofcourse don't miss my beautiful trainer @yasminkarachiwala in the background with her soft but strict instructions 😂😇💙."

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Just like us Alia Bhatt also has her cheat days. She likes to have chaat, Chinese and Gujarati food. There are days when Alia Bhatt also likes to have cakes. Of course, she maintains her body by working out harder post having her cheat meals. Take some inspiration from Alia Bhatt's workout regime and diet plan and get fitter.