Alia Bhatt gifted herself a new house in Juhu recently. For all those who don't know, this one is the third home that she has purchased for herself in Mumbai. Alia bought two other homes in Juhu previously. 

Alia moved to her new pad with her sister Shaheen recently. Her sister is staying part-time with her and part-time with her mother, she shared in the video that she recently posted on her Youtube Channel. The house is designed by Richa Bahl.

The house has been designed in a way that exactly meets the needs of these two young women. The house has a more relaxed vibe. It is not done in modern pieces that make it look like a 5-star hotel. It has a cozy vibe that makes it feel like home. 

decor antique

We are really impressed by seeing the interiors. There are some stunning decor pieces that give the house a different vibe altogether. Have a look at these vintage pieces, they can add so much element to the entire space.

alia shaheen

Talking about her experience of moving into her new home, Alia shared that moving into this new house has been a really different experience because it is like moving from her home to her own house. 

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Can you see the storage space? Well, girls need a lot of it. Where to keep all those outfits and accessories?

kitchen alia bhatt

The whole process took about two years and this phase including getting the house done. According to a portal, The modular kitchen has cabinets by Spar Arreda, Italy, and, custom-made wooden racks and kitchen accessories are from Crate and Barrel and Ikea.

decor itemas

Initially, Alia Bhatt was moving alone in the house and then she decided to take her sister along. Alia's sister did a lot of shopping for the house too. She picked up little things for the house. She also ordered a lot of stuff online. Now you see these quirky decor pieces? They give such a millennial vibe to the house. 

A lot of the things that are placed in the house have been bought by Alia and her sister. This is because she wanted to be involved in each and every aspect of the house. 

alia space

Alia says that she is very particular about her space, very much like a cat! There is a book corner in the house because Alia and her sister love reading.

alia bhatt juhu house mumbai

Alia really enjoyed the entire process of setting things in her house and doing everything that was required. 

tea area

Alia has an area in her dressing room that only has her shoes. Do you know, Alia and her sister Shaheen love drinking tea and they made sure that their house has a tea bar. 

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Alia has also started planning her office and she is working on it. Soon, we would get a tour of that as well! Stay tuned.