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Easy Steps To Relieve High Heels Pain

From soaking your feet in warm water to getting a foot massage, here are some easy ways to relieve pain from heels. 
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -28 May 2022, 17:19 ISTUpdated -28 May 2022, 17:53 IST
foot pain tips

Many women enjoy wearing heels. They don't like the rolled ankles, trips, and falls that these elevating shoes frequently cause.

It's true that shoe aficionados are growing overly devoted to their sassy footwear. This, however, implies that they are utterly oblivious to the possibility of high-heel foot pain or an ankle injury. 

With that in mind, learn everything you can to avoid high heel pain. Bunions, corns, calluses, hammertoes, and, of course, the soreness that most women are familiar with can all be caused by heels. It'll only become worse as you get older. So, how can you prevent the discomfort while still feeling like you're putting your best foot forward in terms of style?

We're not here to advise you that you should only walk around barefoot. Here are six suggestions for relieving high heel pain.

Soak Your Feet

soak your feet

Fill a tub halfway with hot water and leave the dogs to soak for a time. It may sting at first, especially if you have blisters, but the heat will help your muscles relax. For an added therapeutic kick, add a few drops of essential oils. All three herbs, peppermint, marjoram, and basil, are known for their calming effects.

Foot Massage

foot massage

Visit a spa that offers foot treatments and utilise the "medical" excuse to indulge yourself. A professional masseuse will know how to target deep muscles and get to the source of any lingering discomfort.

Go For An Open Toe

Allow your piggies to take a breath! Not only will this ease stress on your toes, but they will also be less restricted, putting you at a lower risk for all of the potential foot problems discussed earlier.

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Treat Blisters Or Sores

pain foot

If you have a blister, don't only treat it with a foot balm to speed up the healing process; wear something that won't make it worse! Do you truly want to be in excruciating pain? As your sore heels, take a break from heels and opt for comfort. Try utilising blister pads to prevent sores ahead of time for your next heel worthy occasion so you don't have to cut your night short due to foot agony.

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