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    Here’s Why Women Suffer More Neck Pain Than Men?

    While neck pain is common due to lifestyle patterns and daily habits, women likely suffer more from this severe issue. 
    Published -25 Sep 2019, 16:00 ISTUpdated -25 Jun 2020, 16:18 IST
    neck pain

    While health issues don’t discriminate depending on one’s gender or age, problems like neck pain is said to affect women more than men. There are various types of chores and tasks that female keeps on doing all day long. They need proper sleep and rest at the end of the day. But if they keep suffering from severe neck trauma, the situation might become worst in no time.

    Neck pain is a common problem. This problem mostly occurs due to continuous bending over the computer, watching mobile, TV and using high pillows. But the problem is more common in women. According to recent research, women tend to tilt their neck so much that their chin is attached to their chest to see electronic devices, which can cause excess pain in their neck.

    According to research, men have long necks, so they tilt the neckless while looking at smartphones. Scientists believe that most women have a shorter neck than men.  

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    Find Out With An X-ray

    shorter neck

    X-rays taken when using electronic devices show why women have more pain in neck and jaws than men. 

    What Should Be Done In Such A Situation


    • If you bend your neck while working then stop it right away. You’ll get some relief from the pain
    • Rotate the neck lightly 5 to 10 times clockwise, then repeat it again anti-clockwise. After this, rotate the head up-down and right-left. 

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    • To get some relief, do a light massage with oil or get it done by someone. 
    • Always massage from top to bottom, i.e. from neck to shoulders. 

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    • After the massage, foment with hot water bag. After fomentation, neither go out into the open air nor drink anything cold. 
    • Do not lie down and watch TV, If you want to watch TV for a long time, then get up and take a walk after short intervals. 
    • Do the same while studying or any desk work. 
    • Use a soft, thin and wedge pillow and sleep on a hard bed. 
    • Use head or speakerphone instead of telephone. 
    • Keep your car seat at an upright position. 
    • Keep your neck straight while sitting. 
    • Keep the back straight while driving.
    • Eat nutritious food, especially food that is rich in vitamin D and calcium. 
    • In acute pain, add salt in hot water and compress it. Do this at least three to four times a day. 
    • You can treat normal neck pain yourself, but if it’s serious then do consult a doctor.

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