The inevitable cold has set in and all we can think of is how can we keep ourselves warm enough. Some of us get cold feet literally and keeping them warm is a major issue. My own feet become stone-cold even when I am wearing socks so on a hunt for ways to keep my feet warm throughout, I have listed some appealing ideas and ways which might be of help to you as well.

Buying The Right Socks

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The first thing that comes to our mind are socks but what type is a major question. Some believe that layering socks is a good solution but the catch here that can cause health issues is that the layering creates pressure on our feet and this blocks the blood circulation to our toes. So, to keep them warm, wear medium-thick socks which are breathable as well.  

Coming to the material of these socks cotton is a big no. They look comfortable but they are useless in trapping warmth. They tend to cause frostbitten toes. They are of no use when it comes to insulation and in fact, they absorb moisture. Get socks made of woollen material of good quality. 

The Right Footwear

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Wearing the right shoes is extremely important just like our socks. If we talk of boots, invest in good quality boots which are waterproof and breathable depending on the climatic conditions where you live. You must also keep in mind that your boots let your feet perspiration escape. You can ditch heels if cold feet is an issue with you and get yourself warm shoes. Do get insulated boots that come in suede leather. Just make sure you are comfortable wearing them.

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People like us who suffer from frozen feet are advised to get innersoles made of woollen. These work as an additional layer that comes between the soles and our shoes. They also reduce unpleasant feet odour and give extra comfort.

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Boost Circulation

When the cold creeps in, no matter how thick the socks our toes start numbing. This is where it is necessary that you work on blood circulation and that can be achieved by being active on the feet. Take a walk, do some jumping jacks, go for a jog, go for a run, whatever rocks your boat. Physical activities are very important not just for weight management but even for keeping ourselves warm. The blood flow increases and therefore boosts our body temperature. 

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Hot Packs

This is the last suggestion when all else fails. Heat up some water and pour them in a bottle that you can place around your legs and feet. This warms up your feet but the 'nuskha' acts only as a charger. You have to start walking once they warm up to maintain the heat. 

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