Sweet and tangy imly or tamarind is commonly used in Indian kitchens for its sour flavour in different preparations. Not just vegetables and lentils, tamarind is also used for preparing refreshing drinks and soups. Do you know tamarind or imly is great for your health too?

Yes, tamarind is a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber which can be beneficial for your overall well-being. An easy way to add tamarind to your daily diet is by drinking its juice. This tamarind juice has numerous benefits for your health. Read on. 

How To Make Tamarind Juice?

imly juice recipe

Ingredients Required:

  • Sugar Syrup Or Honey
  • Tamarind
  • Water 
  • Ice Cubes


  • Wash tamarind and remove all the seeds. 
  • In a pan, add two glasses of water and bring to boil. 
  • Now add tamarind to the water and turn the flame to medium. 
  • After a few minutes, take it off the flame and let it cool. 
  • Sieve the drink. 
  • Now add honey or sugar syrup to the water and mix well. 
  • Serve the juice chilled. 

Benefits Of Adding Tamarind Juice To Your Diet

Improves Digestion

imly for digestive health

To stay fit and healthy, one needs to have a healthy digestive tract. If you suffer from any digestive issues like indigestion, constipation, cramps, or bloating then this tamarind juice can be your go-to solution. Tamarind juice has mild diuretic properties that boost your digestive system and prevent any digestion problems. It is also effective in treating irregular bowel movements. 

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Good For Weight Loss

weight loss digesttion

Losing weight isn't really easy, at least not when you aren't drinking or eating right. Well, what if we tell you can lose weight by drinking some delicious tamarind juice? Tamarind is one fruit that has zero fat present in it. However, it is packed with a lot of fiber. Fiber-rich foods are great for weight loss. They keep you full for longer and prevent you from overeating or bingeing on unhealthy snacks. Drinking tamarind juice everyday can help you shed those extra kilos. Tamarind has flavonoids, polyphenols that suppress hunger and make you lose weight quickly. 

Detoxifies Liver

Unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits lead to a lot of health issues, one common problem is liver diseases. We all need to detoxify our liver every now and then to prevent it from the risk of any damage. This needs to be done especially if you drink alcohol or if you have a fatty liver. Tamarind is a great food for your liver, it reduces the toxicity and keeps you healthy. 

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Prevents Diabetes

Imly or tamarind is low in sugar content. Consuming tamarind juice helps in regulating the blood sugar level which is really beneficial for diabetes patients. Tamarind has active ingredients that lower down the insulin levels and balance the glucose in the body.

Good For Skin

We all wish for clear and smooth skin but achieving it looks so difficult. Well, not anymore! Drinking tamarind juice can do wonders for your skin. Tamarind juice helps in treating a lot of your skin issues like scars, burn marks, dead skin layers, eczema among others. It lightens any marks on the skin and improves the appearance of your skin. It is packed with vitamin C which is great for your skin health. 

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Great For Heart

heart health benefits

For a healthy heart, you need to have your cholesterol levels in control. Deposit of cholesterol around your arteries can lead to a lot of cardiovascular problems. Drinking tamarind juice reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Do add tamarind juice to your diet for its amazing benefits. If you are under medication or suffering from a health issue, make sure you consult your doctor before consuming this juice. For more such health tips, stay tuned!