Snacking in between the meals is one thing we all look forward to. While some love their healthy munching options, others rely on anything that they happen to get their hands on. We have heard and read a lot about how snack plays a significant role in shaping a healthy diet, but have you ever thought about its impact on your teeth? If not, then now is the time! Hz exclusively spoke to Dr Gunita Singh, who is a dentist and director at Dentem, a dental care clinic, to understand the effect of munching on our fangs.  

“Snacking can turn out to be both in favour and against your health. I am also a strong believer of small frequent meals as it improves your health in the long run, but we also need to do choose our snacks wisely. Certain foods are so sticky, that it stays for a really long time on gums and in between your teeth. Such snack options are harmful to your dental health,” she explained and suggested to try these wholesome and tooth-friendly titbits: 

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Apple is also called a natural toothbrush, in fact, all crisp fruits and raw vegetables like carrot, celery, and apples help clean plaque and tartar from the teeth. They also reduce cavity-causing bacteria and increase the salivary flow, thus keeping the oral cavity away. 

Vitamin C-Rich Foods

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables like oranges, lemon, mint, coriander, tomato, cucumber, pineapple and pear help protect our gums. And since the gums are the foundation, its health is vital to help keep our teeth strong. Vitamin C is one of the key factors in our periodontal health. It helps build up the immunity of the body and helps fight any of the infections in the oral cavity.


Strawberries are one of the most loved fruits, both by adults and children. The best quality strawberries are available from September to February. It contains whitening enzyme malic acid, which can do wonders for your smile. If you don’t want to eat it regularly, rub strawberry directly onto the teeth or make a puree and rub it like a paste, to get a pair of pearly white teeth. 


Recent studies indicate that fresh cranberries interrupt the bonding of oral bacteria, much before they form a layer of plaque on the teeth. That’s why consumption of cranberries is highly recommended for good oral health. 

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When talking about fruits, how can we forget our favourite banana! It is loaded with such amazing minerals like potassium, magnesium, and manganese, which can improve your dental health, alongside improving your health. If you’re looking for low-calorie snack options, banana can be one of your best options. This fruit is wholesome and can do wonders for our dental and overall health.

Green Tea & Black Tea 

Love to kick start your day with a decaffeinating drink? Here is one more reason to consume your green and black teas throughout the day. Both contain polyphenols that interact with plaque bacteria. They kill or hold back the bacteria from attacking the teeth.

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Things To Remember 

  • Sticky foods like chips and cheese products stick to our teeth for a long time and make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene. That’s why they have to be totally avoided. Also, they convert into sugar and stick in between our teeth.
  • Sugar loaded candies and chocolates are other enemies to our teeth, which lead to caries and tooth decays.
  • Sodas in all forms erode our enamel leading to the chipping of teeth, cracks, and micro leaks. Carbonated drinks also lead to dryness of the mouth. 

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