Pyorrhea, a serious infection that damages the gums and also the underlying bone. This may sound scary, but the important thing to remember is that, this dental problem is easily avoidable if well taken care of in time. While there are several other symptoms of pyorrhea, some of the early signs include, swelling of gums and bleeding. Regarding the same, Hz spoke to experts to know more about this gum disease and possible prevention and cure. “If taken care of at the right time it is reversible. The other good thing about any gum disease is that it is easily manageable at home if started early,” said Dr Gunita Singh, Director, Dentem. 

This gum disease not only affects one's dental health, but it also can have an impact on an individual’s digestive health. “Pyorrhea causes inflammation of the gums that can be characterised by discharge of the pus and loosening of the teeth. If this pus is swallowed along with food, then it gets absorbed in the gastro-intestinal tract, which further causes other diseases,” explained Dr Dristi Sahay. In order to understand the possible cure or prevention, it is also imperative to get well-versed with the underlying causes. “One of the main reasons behind pyorrhea is bacterial infections in the oral cavity. These bacteria infect the gums, bones, and dental ligaments,” said Dr Dristi . She also added there could be several reasons for catching these bacteria. Some of them are: 

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gum problem

  • Eating unhealthy food like pan, gutka, tobacco, smoking cigarettes, and alcohol. 
  • Accumulation of dental plaque on the tooth surface. This occurs when a patient does not brush twice daily and floss regularly which forms plaque and further leads to pyorrhoea. 
  • Gum injuries that are not treated. 
  • Blood diseases, such as anemia, bleeding disorders, blood clots, and blood cancers

While Dr Gunita Singh suggested a few simple tips that can help to avoid gum problems in the first place, Dr Dristi , on the other hand, shared simple home remedies that can be easily performed at home to avoid initial gum problems. 



Mouth wash after every meal is a must in order to get rid of small unwanted particles deep inside your gums, where your brush can't reach. Make sure to rinse for 30 seconds before you spit out. “One of the best grandma recipes for mouth wash is warm saline rinses (mix a pinch of salt in Luke warm water) and rinse your mouth 4-5 times a day,” said Dr Gunita. 

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Gum Massages 

Gums are the foundation of our teeth. One cannot expect healthy teeth without healthy gums. So, massaging in a circular motion helps to make this foundation strong. “The right way to massage is to move in a circular motion for the first 15 days and then the reverse, gums to teeth. For upper quadrant pull your gums down and lower quadrant pull the gums upwards,” suggested Dr Gunita. Use any natural oils like olive oil, vitamin E oil, almond, or coconut. Also, one of the most important factors is spending 5 minutes with yourself massaging morning and evening.

Tongue Cleaning

Tongue Cleaning

The tongue is another very important part of our oral health. Tongue cleaning in the morning in an imperative practice. Use a soft toothbrush with paste, a tongue cleaner, or try cleaning with cotton and glycerine once a week. This will keep your tongue clean and oral cavity bacteria-free. The lesser the bacteria, the lesser chances of any gingival infections you will have. 

“One of the best ingredients to use, when it comes to oral health are leafy greens, citrus fruits and simple spices, such as kale, spinach, orange, lemon, fenugreek, pepper, and honey. Not only these have numerous health benefits, but they also promote oral health. Packed with high calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients, these ingredients build your teeth's enamel,” said Dr Dristi Sahay and suggested trying these home remedies using the same wholesome ingredients. However, she also recommended visiting your nearest dentist, in case you experience any toothache or painful gum swelling. 

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Home Remedies

Home Remedies

  • Add a cup of spinach juice to a cup of plain carrot juice and drink the mixture regularly. 
  • Take an orange peel and rub over your gums, alternately, you can also use lemon peel or juice. 
  • Boil fenugreek seeds on the water for about half an hour and then gargle. 
  • Mix some salt and pepper together and massage over your gums for strengthening and getting rid of bacteria. 
  • Take 100 ml of honey and mix it with 200 ml of castor oil and 5gms of camphor and rub directly on your teeth and gums. 

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