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You Should Add These Cancer Fighting Foods To Your Diet

Some food items are really helpful in preventing cancer. Here are five foods that reduce the risk of cancer.
Published - 14 Aug 2018, 11:00 ISTUpdated - 14 Aug 2018, 11:51 IST
Cancer Fighting Foods

While people all around the world are working each day to find ways to cure cancer, we can do our bit by consuming foods that come with anti-cancer properties. Our diet plays a key role in maintaining our health. Some food items are really helpful in preventing cancer. These foods work naturally and help your body fight cancer. Here are five foods that you should add to your everyday diet to reduce the risk of cancer:



Garlic is one of the most common ingredients that we use in our kitchen today. Garlic adds a great flavor to any food and this is why it is used widely all across the country. Other than adding the much-required flavor to the food, garlic also helps in fighting cancer. According to researches, garlic comes with oil-soluble diallyl disulfide which helps prevent breast cancer. Garlic has metabolizing enzymes which fight with cancer-causing agents. Consuming 2-3 garlic cloves in a day helps you reduce the risk of cancer.



Rich in Vitamin A, Carrots are a great anti-cancer agent. Carrots also act as an antioxidant because of the presence of beta-carotene in them. This helps in boosting our immunity and helps us fight cancer. The best way is to munch carrots raw as they provide great results to the body.



Another common ingredient that is used in all our kitchens is cinnamon. Cinnamon has essential oils, carbohydrates and tannin that come with anticancer properties. You can soak cinnamon overnight in water and then drink it next morning. You can also have a cup of cinnamon tea every day.



Tomatoes are known as one of the best foods to fight cancer. Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, which is very helpful in protecting the body against prostate, mouth, lung, breast, cervix, and ovarian cancer. It is best to consume the tomatoes raw.

5Flax Seeds

flax seeds

Widely used for weight loss, flax seeds are also helpful in preventing cancer. Some compounds found in flax seeds have anti-estrogen properties and these help in decreasing the cancer cell growth. Flax seeds also have alpha-linolenic acid in them and these prevent the progression of cancer cells.