Licorice is a herb that is composed of more than 300 compounds, Apart from that, this herb has been used for medicinal purposes and a lot of uses. The anti-microbial and antiviral properties found in licorice are also responsible for its widespread uses. 

In fact, the roots of this herb are also used for treating a lot of ailments. It has always been a part of your grandmother’s most trusted home ingredients and is commonly known as Mulethi in India. 

The herb is mostly found in parts of Asia and Europe and apart from medicinal uses, it is used for flavouring your food items as the roots is very distinctively sweet. All this is something that almost everyone would know about this root but what people wouldn’t know is the fact that the licorice root is great for improving your digestive system. So, here is everything you need to know about it.

How To Use Licorice Roots

licorice roots

  • Licorice roots are very readily available in a lot of places and using it is also super easy. All you need tp do is boil the roots on some water and consume the water as licorice tea. 
  • This tea will aid your digestive process and will improve the attack bearing capacity of the body(ghee for improving your immunity
  • Not only that, but the roots can also be ground into a powder and be used, along with supplements that are available in the market for the same.

How Safe Is The Consumption Of Licorice

Well, it is an undeniable fact that this herb has long been used in home remedies and other medicinal uses but backing it up with scientific researches shows that this herb is not completely safe for everyone. Despite the immense benefits it offers, the herb must be consumed only after deep study and expert recommendation.

According to studies, this root has been found to decrease the potassium levels in the body, high blood pressure levels, preterm birth in case of pregnancy, thinning of the blood, etc. Are some drawbacks of the licorice root. The high content of glycyrrhizic acid is one big reason why you should risk the overdose of the herbal roots.

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Type Of Licorice That Is Good For The Stomach

licorice roots

 The glycyrrhizic acid found in licorice is mostly responsible for all the potential risks(deglycyrrhizinated licorice)  but black licorice can be great in terms of improving your stomach health and digestion. This licorice has a very important dietary supplement, deglycyrrhizin this is what is majorly behind the better digestion(benefits of coriander leaves for digestion) and gut health that you are focusing on. 

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The Side Effects Of Licorice Roots

licorice roots

This herb is generally well tolerated by adults but in some cases, this might lead to certain side effects. So, if you are consuming licorice extracts then it is better for you to stay precautious.

Long-term consumption of this herb can be really life-threatening for you as it can create an imbalance in the electrolytes and other body fluids. And the symptoms to understand that something is not right are nausea, tiredness, swelling, cramping, etc.  Very severe conditions may also result in licorice poisoning and fatality. 

Therefore if you are troubled by indigestion then the use of licorice roots is the way to go, but simultaneously, it is to be remembered that the in-take of these roots should be very carefully done based on the advice of a proper expert.

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