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Things That Happen To Your Body Once You Ditch Your Underwear

Have you gone without wearing panties while being at home? Read on to know its pros and cons!
Published -16 Nov 2020, 15:00 ISTUpdated -12 Jul 2021, 18:42 IST
Things That Happen

From an early age, we all have learnt to wear undergarments as a part of our hygiene. However, when we are at home we happen to ditch them. Given the current situation, where the world is facing a pandemic from the novel coronavirus, we all are at home and have almost forgotten about bras and underwear. 

While it feels relieving to stay away from them, have you ever wondered how not wearing underwear affects your body? We are here to discuss the same. Here are some of the pros and cons of not wearing underwear for a really long time: 

Reduces The Chance Of Bacterial Infection

Reduces The Chance Of Bacterial Infection

Our vagina stays at a higher risk of catching bacterial infection due to the fluids that we produce. None of us want that, as it can lead to irritation and sometimes diseases. If health reports are to be believed, ditching your underwear while sleeping can have a positive effect on your intimate parts. This will lead to almost no risk of bacterial infection.

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Helps To Get Better Sleep

We all know not wearing anything tight around the skin already feels super comfortable. Therefore, it is no rocket science that getting rid of your underwear every night will assist you in better sleep. After all, who wants to feel restless with something wrapped around your body. Yes, we can’t help wearing them during our monthly cycles, but the rest of the month, let there be life! 

Helps To Get Better Sleep

No Itching And Burning Sensation In The Private Parts

We all have been there once in our lives when we had to sleep with that tight underwear. Not only was it uneasy, but the itchiness and burning sensation made things worse. It happens mostly due to sweat and other fluids that come in contact with your skin. After ditching underwear, one won’t have to deal with this. 

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Lowers Risk Of Fungal Infections

We all feel scared of catching infections and when it comes to our genitals, fungal infections are the worst. It mostly happens due to dirty undies or wearing the same piece repeatedly. However, if you completely get rid of underwear, you may lower the risk of fungal infections (tips to prevent skin infection). This is because the panties may contain moisture and heat. When it comes in contact with the vagina, the situation down there can become incredibly itchy, further causing vaginal yeast infection. 

Lowers Risk Of Fungal Infections

May Experience A Strong Smell

Yes, the positive aspects made us all feel so good. However, there are disadvantages of not wearing your underwear for a long time as well. First among them is experiencing a strong smell down there, especially if you are someone who works out on a daily basis. The vaginal discharge and the sweat together may mix up, leading to an unpleasant odour (how to keep clothes odour free) coming from your lady parts.

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