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Expert Tips To Keep Intimate Hygiene In Check During Summer Season

Summers are here and this is the season you need to pay extra attention to your intimate hygiene. Read on to know some easy to follow tips from an exp...
Published -19 Jun 2020, 17:25 ISTUpdated -19 Jun 2020, 17:59 IST
tips for intimate hygiene

The advent of the Indian summers significantly increases humidity in the atmosphere and takes a toll on our personal hygiene. Combined with the threat of the novel coronavirus around us, it is even more important to keep ourselves clean, disinfected, and sanitized all times. This is also the season, where UTI (urinary tract infection) is rampant among women. Many organisms, including yeast and bacteria, flourish during this wet and humid season and the most common infection is that of the urinary tract in women. Therefore, maintaining hygiene in your intimate area during this time is especially important. You should avoid anything that increases heat and sweat, as this can cause the growth of bacteria and lead to vaginal infection.

This is a time to be extra cautious by practising a good habit to maintain feminine hygiene, which can help in preventing vaginal itching, irritation, or infection, and thus not compromising with your daily comfort. Warm weather can lead to an increase in the normal amount of yeast in the vagina, resulting in genital/vulvovaginal candidiasis – a yeast infection further causing itching or burning sensation of the vaginal area with a foul odour. Vasavdatta Gandhi, Director, Millennium Herbal Care has shared 5 tips that you should keep in mind.

Keep The Area Dry

We tend to sweat more during the summer season. We need to keep changing our clothes, especially the innerwear that tend to get moist due to the added atmospheric moisture. As wearing innerwear or lingerie made of synthetic fabric for long durations may retain moisture leading to irritation and friction, it is important to consciously choose natural and breathable fabrics. Also, if you do get drenched in the rain, make sure you bathe immediately on reaching home and dry yourself properly.

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Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes 

woman wearing tight clothes

Try to avoid wearing skinny jeans and tight shorts, too tight and difficult to breathe bottoms. Try to limit your movement as it can cause more sweat and lead to bad bacteria. It is better to wear breathable and comfortable dresses. While sleeping, opt for boy shorts instead as they will allow for maximum airflow and minimise the possible irritation.

Maintain Cleanliness And Hygiene

Frequently cleaning your intimate area keeps it free from bacterial infection and odour. It is recommended to clean the intimate area twice a day, during morning bath, and before bedtime. In the case of excessive sweating, it is better to clean and pat dry more often.

For cleansing intimate area, always use intimate wash products that are safe with natural ingredients and free from harmful surfactants like sodium lauryl sulphate.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated

hydration intimate hygiene

Drink plenty of water and liquids to keep the urinary tract healthy. Water helps to clear out toxins from the body and maintains body pH balance. Due to excessive sweating and inadequate liquid intake, one tends to lose body fluids and salts that could potentially lead to burning sensation during peeing and irritate the intimate area. 

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Eat Healthy Foods

healthy food for uti

Avoid eating excessive spicy food, as more acidic food can cause pH imbalance and increase bad odour in the intimate area. Increase the intake of foods that are rich in pre and probiotics like plain yogurt, onion, garlic, strawberry, and green leafy vegetables, which helps to support the growth of healthy bacteria in the vagina.

Regular care and preventive measures in vaginal health ensure you stay fresh and clean all the time. While in this season it is important to wash 3-4 times daily and also if you are menstruating, all the more care needs to be taken. But soap and water may not be your best option, as these tend to dry up the vaginal skin. 

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