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    How To Maintain Feminine Hygiene & More During Monsoon Season

    Maintain your hygiene this monsoon using these tips by Deep Bajaj, Founder at PeeBuddy & Sirona.
    Published -08 Jul 2019, 15:00 ISTUpdated -08 Jul 2019, 15:37 IST
    fem hygiene

    With the monsoon come different diseases and infections that we may or may not have realised. Besides sweating because of humidity, feminine hygiene also needs to be cared for. We noted down some tips from Mr. Deep Bajaj, Founder at PeeBuddy & Sirona, which focus on the same. Let's take a look at what he had to share with our readers.

    Use intimate wet wipes as they keep your intimate areas healthy. They are easy to carry and are perfect for intimate areas including Underarms, Breast & Bikini Area. They make you feel clean and dry all day.

    sweat pads

    You could also get underarm sweat pads, something which is important for those who sweat excessively. These are simple to use garment liners and come with self-adhesive glue. They are suitable for all garments & are totally unisex.

    anti chaffing

    For Sweating down there, use anti-chaffing cream. We often get due to sanitary pads which is a common problem most women face. These creams help in soothing rashes due to pads, heavy thighs and chaffing due to sports activities.  

    Use intimate hygiene wash and say no to bad odour. You will feel refreshed and not irritated. The good thing is that you can bid goodbye to itching, and other health hazards this summer!  

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    Clean your vagina daily but not with a bar of soap. That just dries up your skin.

    Stick to wearing cotton undergarments. Reason being that synthetics can cause dampness and irritation. Cotton ones are pleasant, soft, skin affable and safe to wear.  

    use condoms

    Use condoms during intercourse. Besides saving you from diseases and infections, they also maintain the Ph level of the vagina.

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