The advent of technology has changed all our lives mostly in positive ways. It has made communication easy, increased employment, assisted mankind to go to as far as Mars and much more. However, all of us know that there are several downsides of living our lives almost completely dependent upon technology too. 

Where it made it easier to contact doctors, it also has made many of us sleep-deprived. Where it has helped us to connect to people who could help to fight conditions like depression, on the other hand, mobile phones are somehow the reason behind it. Yes, most of can’t imagine our lives without our digital equipment and the internet, but it is time that we must at least consider it. Here are some of the reasons for a digital detox! 

Helps To Tackle Depression & Anxiety

Helps To Tackle Depression & Anxiety

It wouldn’t be wrong to say digital detox is the need of an hour, especially since the coronavirus pandemic has hit us hard. Many of us felt alone, broken or depressed amid the lockdown. While there are several reasons behind it, the significant thing to note here is that, taking a break from technology can have a positive effect.

As per health reports, there is a connection between immoderate technology use and anxiety, as it affects the dopamine release in the brain. The more social media platforms you will use, the more you will feel encouraged, which further leads to mental distress. 

Depression & Anxiet

Helps With The Body Posture  

The back pain, the distress in the neck have become a usual problem. While earlier it was considered old-age issues, today with everyone using mobile phones, it has turned a random health condition. It is now known as the tech neck, having bend collar with sore thumb and pain. Without realising, almost all of us have compromised on our body postures, something that could affect our healthy living, as this can also impact breathing.

A regular digital detox can make you realise how you can improve the current scenarios. You will be able to understand the right ways and hours of using mobiles and laptops so that you don’t take a toll on your health. 

Helps With The Body Posture

Improved Sleeping Pattern

When it comes to health, there is hardly anything as important as a good night’s sleep to allow the body to heal. But the biggest thing that mobile and technology have taken away from all of us is our sleep. Almost all of us are using our phones late at night.

This effect the release of a vital chemical called melatonin, which helps the body to relax and prepare for some shut-eye. This further hampers your sleep and you end up tossing and turning in bed wondering why you can’t get to sleep (drinks to help you sleep). A regular digital detox can massively improve your sleeping pattern, making you healthy individual overtime.

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Increases Your Focus 

Your digital devices take up all your attention, it hardly allows you to focus anywhere else. The light of the screen is more demanding than the food we like the best most of the times, hence, we know we all as an individual are becoming less attentive and focused.

Increases Your Focus

Until and unless we don’t break the pattern of using digital equipment (must-have fitness equipment), we will never realise how we are ruining our lives. A digital detox will allow you to pay attention to other things as well, and help you realise, there can be several activities you can love other than just watching it on your sets. 

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