Been experiencing muscle pain lately? Or suffering from an underlying disease such as cervical pain or an injury that left you immobilized and not in a state to do anything including your routine jobs. Well, Myotherapy or physiotherapy might be the way to go. While both of these might turn out to be an effective remedy for curing muscle stiffness or pain. But what's the difference between the two? What makes the first treatment different from the latter.

Well, it's the technique, and many of you might be wondering about which one to go for? This article will give you an insight into the mechanics that work behind the two. Here's taking a look at an in-depth description of myotherapy vs physiotherapy.

What Is Myotherapy? 


Myotherapy is basically a form of remedial massage, also known as medical or sports massage. In this form, the therapist uses trigger points to release the stress present in the muscles. It focuses on curing the pain of that area by constantly exerting pressure over the trigger points. Trigger points are basically weak or sensitive areas of the muscles that exist naturally or may be due to the result of an injury. A therapist might use tools or hands to press these areas to release pain.  It also helps to avoid dysfunction of a muscle referred pain to nearby areas. 

Benefits Of Myotherapy


  • This is still an emerging concept so there is limited research on its effectiveness. Since now it has been found that it has a great effect on certain areas.
  • In reducing stress and anxiety through massage 
  • Controlling muscle sourness.
  • Helps to reduce chronic lower back pain.
  • Helps to cure fatigue, muscle sourness, muscle cramps caused by some disease while recovering.
  • Increase positivity among cancer patients or patients affected with central nervous system problems. 

What Is Physiotherapy? 

It is a method that involves medical science for treatment in helping a person release muscle pain. This is basically done by exercising and body movements in order to improve overall body functions which would eventually improve well-being, strength, motion, and function. 

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Benefits Of Physiotherapy

  • It uses certain ways to increase blood flow in certain areas so that the non-functional parts of the body start to work again. Some of those are-
  • Manual manipulation- this is relaxing tight muscles or to improve blood circulation by applying a little force over soft tissue and moving joints. 
  • Electrical nerve stimulation- as the name suggests a small current is sent to block pain signals from certain areas.
  • Acupuncture- needles are used to numb the area and relax certain areas. This also increases the immunity of the body to fight against a certain disease.
  • Functional testing- this is basically testing someone according to his physical strength and then giving exercise as per his strength. 
  • Devise provision- this is attaching some kind of device to make the part work under supervision. The device should be adaptive, assistive, supportive, and protective. 

 Some of the reasons why people visit a physiotherapist are:

  • Cardio-Respiratory- people suffering heart problems should definitely visit a physiotherapist because it would help relieve their cardiovascular muscles and would never put excessive pressure on the heart.
  • Pain- multiple pain in the body could be a problem. A visit to a physiotherapist could be a solution for the prolonged pain that you have been going through. 
  • Women's health concerns- there are issues that occur during or after the pregnancy(myths about pregnancy) that could be resolved with this. This would also help in menopause. 
  • Cancer and lymphedema- curing and prevention of muscle fatigue, joint stiffness, and muscle pain.

The Border Line


Both of these have very little differences, myotherapy is more focused on treating muscle pains(how to make a pain-relieving balm at home)using acupressure and by targeting trigger points to release pain and is more of a massage type of cure while physiotherapy is more scientific. While both of them have a very similar effect on the body and relieve muscular pain so both of them could be selected depending on personal preference.

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