We all understand how harmful added sugars can be to our health. They may lead to dysfunctions in the system and may also cause severe conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, etc.

And that is why it is a great step towards making your lifestyle healthier. Subtracting the extra sugars from the body will in turn help you reduce the negative impact it on the body. But doing a sugar detox is not so easy and you will have to prepare your mind hard enough to be able to take all the challenges that will come in your path to achieving a healthy lifestyle. So, if you want to know how to do a sugar detox then read on to find out everything about it.

Why Refraining From Sugars Is Hard

sugar detox

Sugars and fats are some foods that have an addictive effect on the brain and that is why withdrawing sugars from the body might have serious side effects. It is said that these addictive foods affect the reward system of the brain and that is why reversal symptoms are sometimes very unpleasant.

This makes it very clear that you cannot take away sugars entirely from your body at once. It has to be a long process, wherein you will be required to deteriorate the amount of sugar intake with each day.

How To Reduce The Sugar Intake Gradually

Well in case you have prepared yourself for the difficult faces of the detox all you have to do initially is to gradually replace the sugars with some alternative, which will compensate for the need for sugar for the brain. Follow these tips for a sugar detox:

Replace Sweetened Drink With Water

Water is a universal solvent and it will help you to flush out or dissolve all the toxins in the body plus, if you aren’t thirsty, you will not feel the need to drink extra-sugary soda drinks that will in turn harm you. Staying hydrated(what is water fasting) will help you combat other health issues as well.

Don’t Start Your Day With Sugars

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It is better not to begin your day by eating sugary cereals first thing in the morning. Instead start your day with a fresh bowl of fruits, yogurt, or a protein filled omelet.

Refrain From Sugary Snack

Another very way to avoid too much sugar for detoxifying yourself is to keep away sugary snacks. Avoid them by eating some spicy or salty treats and keep your mind diverted.

Focus On A Balanced Diet And Wholesome Food

It is always better to keep away from sugar and maintain a balanced diet with all the nutrients and micronutrients that the body requires. And on top of that, it is a legit step towards making yourself healthier. Eat whole foods, fruits, and vegetables that will help you and also avoid eating desserts or even if you do make smart choices at that. 

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Some Other Tips

sugar detox

  • To combat your sugar cravings, it is very important for you to not feel hungry every now and then. This can be done if you eat fibrous foods, they help you maintain a feeling of fullness in the body and help you get away from sugar cravings.
  • It is further important for you to intake a good amount of protein, which in turn will help you repair the tissues of your body and will promote your health through faster development and growth.
  • Also, keep in mind that even if you are detoxifying yourself from sugars it doesn’t mean that you can’t have sugars at all. Natural sugars are not harmful to you, all you need to care about is those added sugars in your diet and stay healthy!

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