When it comes to weight loss, there is an abundance of options out there. From cardio and high intensity workouts to keto and intermittent fasting, you can choose anything you want. Another popular weight loss technique from the world of wellness is water fasting. If you wish to lose weight by choosing a diet-related method, then you can easily try this popular diet. 

What Is Water Fasting? 

As the name suggests, water fasting basically means restricting all food items from your diet except water. During the diet, you are only allowed to drink water and have to stay away from any other food item. Even fruit juices, tea and coffee are not allowed. Water fasting typically lasts a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 72 hours. If you are a beginner, it would be better that you start off by fasting for 24 hours, for the first few months of practice. It is strictly advised by medical professionals to not continue the fast, post 72 hours, as it can be harmful for the body. 

Once you end your fast, always consume a liquid before eating anything solid. You can consume juices or soups and later proceed to normal food. 

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Pros Of Water Fasting 

  • Can aid weight loss- Restricting the calorie intake for 24 hours can easily promote weight loss. This is the main reason why people resort to water fasting, which is quicker in burning fat. 
  • Might lower blood pressure- Water fasting can also manage your blood pressure. Drinking loads of water and consuming no salt will automatically tone down the spiking blood pressure levels. 
  • Gets rid of old blood cells- Not consuming food for at least 24 hours will give your body enough time to get rid of old cells and replace them with new and fresh ones. The only thing you need to keep in mind, while performing this fast, is to drink large amounts of water throughout the day. 

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Cons Of Water Fasting

  • Dizziness- The very first and natural side-effect of water fasting could be dizziness. As your body doesn’t get food for a long time, it can fall in the pit of fatigue. You might also experience brain fog and find it difficult to focus on things. In such a situation, it is better to end the fast immediately and consume fruit juice or some solid food. 
  • Binge eating- As your body stays without food for long hours, you might find yourself giving up to your cravings by the end of the day. This can make you binge eat on junk food (how to stop cravings) and will reverse all the benefits water fasting might have reaped. 

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Some Important Tips To Keep In Mind

  • People with kidney disease- For people with kidney related issues, it is better to avoid water fasting. The process may worsen kidney function and can cause serious health problems. 
  • Diabetes- People with diabetes should do water fasting, only after getting permission from a doctor. Fasting can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar level and can cause fluctuations in the body of such patients. 
  • Heartburn: Some people can also experience stomach issues, like acid reflux and heartburn. This happens mainly because your stomach keeps producing digestive juices even when there is no intake of food. This is why you must drink water in large quantities, whenever you are following the water diet. 

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Make sure you follow water fasting after keeping the above given considerations in mind. It would be better, if you first consult a doctor or nutritionist and then start the fasting, to eliminate the risk factor. 

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