Around the globe, cucumbers are loved for many reasons. People prefer having it in different forms. While some consume it as salad, others have it as smoothies, etc. However, despite their amazing effect on our health, this hydrating vegetable can turn out to be harmful at times.

This totally depends on the quantity and time you’re ingesting these. Since we are not recommending to stop eating cucumbers, it is imperative to discuss possible ways it can harm your body. 

Side Effects Of Eating Cucumber At Night 

You must have heard your parents or grannies telling you to not eat cucumber at night. Ever wondered why? It is because having them right before hitting the bed can disturb your sleep cycle. When it comes to dinner, it is best to have it light and around 2-3 hours before you go to sleep.

But when you do eat something heavy, clubbed with cucumbers, you’re making your body to digest that food as soon as possible. But, the bad news is all this will now take much more time to digest. This is where you will be hampering your good night's sleep. 

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Other Disadvantages Of Eating Cucumber

Other Disadvantages Of Eating Cucumber

Eliminate Fluids

Packed with the goodness of vitamin K (importance of vitamin K), and antioxidants, cucumber shall be consumed mindfully. The seeds of this vegetable are a rich source of cucurbitin, an element that has innate diuretic properties.

While being diuretic can be great for the body, a little excessive intake can cost you your health, as it results in excessive discharge of fluid. If not taken care of in time, it may also hamper the electrolytic balance. Also, being hydrated is really important, eating too much cucumber may leave you gravely dehydrated!



A lot of people have a sensitive stomach (home remedies to get relief from indigestion), which means eating certain food items in excess can leave them with digestive issues. While cucumber is great for the wholesomeness of the body, it can also turn out to be one of those harmful foods. As discussed earlier, cucumbers are loaded with an element called cucurbitacin.

Besides being diuretic, it can trigger indigestion in people with a sensitive digestive system. In normal circumstances, eating too many cucumbers can cause bloating and flatulence. Have you ever experienced a situation wherein your body tried to eliminate certain things from your stomach in the form of burps and farts after eating cucumbers? Yes, it is because of cucurbitacin present in it. 

Triggers Sinusitis

Sinusitis, also commonly known as sinus infection, is a medical condition, wherein your nasal passages become infected and inflamed. If you suffer from an acute or even chronic sinus infection, it is best that you have cucumber mindfully.

People with respiratory issues may not be able to enjoy the benefits of this veggie as it is a cooling food item. At the end of the day, you definitely don’t want the cooling effects of cucumber to aggravate your respiratory problems. 

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Skin Allergy

Skin Allergy

As per media reports, a study on the allergic reactions of cucumber on human beings by conducted by the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology suggests that people who are allergic to certain elements like ragweed pollen, melons, chamomile tea, bananas, and sunflower seeds could end up experiencing skin allergies from cucumbers. 

In case you experience any serious medical issue due to cucumbers, it is best to consult a doctor. 

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