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Periods: Try These Natural Remedies To Deal With Heavy Blood Flow

While periods are already painful, no one wants it to be troublesome with heavy bleeding. Try natural remedies to deal with it!
Published -27 Jun 2019, 07:30 ISTUpdated -21 Apr 2020, 15:14 IST
remedies for heavy period pain

While we as women cannot get rid of having periods every month, we definitely don’t want to deal with extra mess that comes with heavy bleeding, also known as Menorrhagia. Heavy bleeding during periods don’t just create trouble, but also leads to health problems like anemia, shortness of breath and severe fatigue. If you too face this problem regularly, here are some home remedies that will help you treat this:

Ice Pack

ice pack for heavy blood flow periods

Try using an ice pack. Keep it on your abdomen for 20 minutes. You can repeat this several times a day. Do this when the bleeding is heavy. This process tightens the blood vessels and reduces the pain. It also reduces heavy menstrual flow. 

Add Iron To Your Diet

It is when your body has a deficiency of iron that you start bleeding heavy during your periods. Iron deficiency worsens your periods. Make sure you add iron to your diet. Spinach, beans, lentils, broccoli, these all are rich in iron. 

Drink Cinnamon Tea

cinnamon sticks heavy blood flow periods

Cinnamon is a great ingredient for heavy blood flow. Drinking cinnamon tea regularly helps you decrease the blood flow. It also reduces inflammation. Add a cinnamon stick to boiling water and drink this tea during your periods. You can drink this two times a day. Don't Miss How To Take Care Of Your Menstrual Hygiene?

Consume Ginger Water

ginger heavy blood flow periods

Add some ginger to water and boil it. Drinking this water is really beneficial in reducing heavy blood flow. You can also add sugar or honey to this mix. You can drink this three times a day. 

Coriander Seeds Are Beneficial

Coriander seeds are a great remedy to prevent heavy bleeding during periods and also prevent menstrual cramps. Add coriander seeds to warm water and then drink it. 

In some cases, the reason behind heavy bleeding can be unknown. However, these some common reasons behind heavy bleeding:

1. Hormonal imbalance can be caused because of obesity, thyroid or PCOS among other conditions. If you are facing any of these, you can suffer from heavy bleeding during periods. 

2. Fibroids or benign tumours in the uterus can also lead to heavy bleeding in periods. 

3. A disfunction in the ovaries can lead to a hormonal imbalace and it can lead to menorrhagia.

4. Medical conditions like liver, kidney diseases can also be related to heavy bleeding.

5. Some medications can also contribute to heavy menstrual bleeding. Make sure you check with a doctor before taking any medicine.

A lot of medical treatments are available to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. Do discuss your medical history before going for any of the options. Some surgeries are also recommended to treat this problem. It is for those women who are having this trouble because of any fibroids or other health problems. Make sure that you don't consume any of the above-given ingredients if you are allergic to them.

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