Talk about periods and the first thing that comes to our mind is the painful cramps. Well, we can't do much about it and have no option but to tolerate it every month. While many women prefer taking painkillers, others just bear this nagging pain. But do you know that there are some food options that can ease out your menstrual cramps? Yes, you read that right. There are some foods that can give you instant relief from the nagging pain and ease the menstrual flow. 

Mixed Nuts And Seeds

mixed nuts and seeds

We have a lot of cravings during the periods and this makes us eat a lot of junk which further leads to cramps. Instead, munch mixed nuts and seeds that are helpful in preventing all the period discomfort. They are healthy and also prevent bloating, which is a common issue during menstruation. 

Dark Chocolate 

There are a lot of sugar and junk food cravings during periods. Dark chocolates are the perfect answer to all these irregular cravings. It helps you deal with your period mood swings and relaxes your muscles.  


pineapple for period pain

Pineapple is a super fruit for you during periods! It helps you get relief from period cramps and also enhances your mood. It also prevents bloating. 


Yogurt is a great food item to add to your meal while you are on your periods. Yogurt is loaded with calcium and they help in easing out your menstrual cramps. It also helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system.


banana for period pain

Not many of you know but a banana can actually help you get relief from menstrual cramps. Bananas are usually recommended to eat after working out as they are really helpful in providing relief from muscle cramps. It is best to eat a banana to get relief from menstrual cramps during your periods to avoid cramps. Having a banana also helps in reducing bloating.