The soaring temperatures in the summertime invite various health issues that must be properly addressed, one such issue is gastric dysfunction and acidity. Acidity can really give you a very bad time, causing headaches, palpations, uneasiness, and much more.

There is not much that can be done about it so to win the battle against this health evil let us tell you some of the very reliable natural products that you will easily find in your kitchen, which will scare acidity to death.

Cold Milk

milk for acidity

Apart from being the majestic ambassador of calcium and other minerals, milk is known for its magical ability to kick acidity out of the system. Cold milk can absorb the acids and thus relieve you of acidity, just gulp down a glass of cold milk without additives/sugar. And acidity will be gone in no time!

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Buttermilk And Curd

Apart from milk, some of its by-products such as buttermilk and curd are also benevolent rulers of the gastric system. Not only do they work effectively towards enhancing the functions of the digestive system but also eliminate vices that cause disruption in its smooth working, like acidity. Thanks to the good bacteria that is present in both curd and buttermilk, that helps in keeping a check on digestion. Good bacteria stops the formation of acid in the stomach and hence gives way for a sound and healthy- acidity free system.

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banana for acidity

Offering some fantastic health benefits, banana is the evergreen fruit of all seasons. Enriched with the goodness of potassium, vitamin B6, and other nutritional elements, this is one great option to keep acidity at bay. Eating a banana can neutralize the effect of acids present in the system to control the reflux. Taking into account the pH value it holds (4.5- 4.7pH), a banana is just what you need to combat the demonic acidity that interrupts the smooth working of the body.

Coconut Water

Coconuts are extremely rich in vital minerals and vitamins, namely, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C, sodium, potassium, etc. And in addition to that, they are also one of the most fibrous fruits which help in promoting the balance of acidity and basicity in the gut. They also cleanse and detox the gut, flushing out all the toxins including acids.

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melons for acidity

We already know how good melons are for hydration. And, water is a universal solvent, which means it can dissolve all the harmful elements present in the body giving way to the removal of acidity as well.

Musk melons and watermelons are further rich in antioxidants and fibers, therefore they have the capacity to control acid formation by backing the mucus membrane and neutralizing acidic presence.

Use the above listed items to fight acidity down and don’t let it ruin your favourite moments. We say so, because not only do these products kill the acids instantly by absorbing or pushing them out, but also make your body free from acids for a longer period of time and stopping it from coming back.

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