Swollen feet is something very common especially when we are sitting for too long, standing for hours at a stretch amongst many other reasons. But worry not, as there are many home remedies that can take care of it. Scroll down and take a look at whatever rocks your boat. 

Painless swelling can be caused due to many reasons which also include ill-fitted shoes, lifestyle or some medical conditions. Here is a small list. 

Feet Elevation

Keep your feet on a cushion when you sleep or lie down. If you are pregnant and suffer from swollen feet, elevate them at least a few times. Do this for 20 minutes every time. 

Don't Stand For Long

It is best not to stand for very long time as that strains your feet. If you love shopping then make sure you sit down every hour. 

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Drink Water

water swelling

It is important to drink enough water every day. Your body should get enough fluids as that helps reduce swelling. If your body does not have enough liquids it holds onto the fluid it does have. This causes a lot of swelling. 

Get Moving


If you keep sitting the whole day in one place especially when you are on work from home, this can lead to swollen feet. Keep moving a bit every hour. Keep flexing your ankles and knees. Take a walk in the house or a few chair exercises.

Compression Socks

These socks are available at many stores or even online. Buy those which range between 12 to 15 mm or 15 to 20 mm of mercury. These provide a lot of relief. 

Epsom Salt Bath  

epsom salt

Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is excellent not just for muscle pain but also for working on inflammation and swelling reduction. It is said that this salt draws out all those toxins and increases relaxation. 

Dietary Changes

low sodium

By dietary changes, we mean consume more low in sodium foods as this helps in decreasing swellings. These foods include frozen meats, eggs, uncanned food, grains, vegetables, baked goods, and dairy products. 

Shed Extra Kilos

Being overweight and talking about it is not body shaming. This is solely for your health as it can cause many health diseases. Too much weight pressurises your legs and knees and small feet. It puts extra strain on them which causes swelling and walking becomes painful. Do some form of workout and consult your doctor as well. From personal experience, this is a serious situation as it can also make your leg bone a little crooked which is extremely painful whenever you sit. Dance a little, go for walks, run if you can or jump on that skipping rope which is covered with dust in your almirah.

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Magnesium Supplements  

Sometimes swelling is caused due to water retention as well which could be due to magnesium deficiency. So add magnesium-rich food items to your diet. This includes broccoli, avocado, cashews, dark chocolates, tofu, spinach, and almonds

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Potassium-Rich Foods

Swelling can also be caused due to deficiency in potassium which also leads to high blood pressure. Have foods like bananas, oranges, potatoes, mushrooms, cooked broccoli etc. 

Before you add anything to your diet, make sure it is safe for you as everybody reacts differently and you may have a different medical history. So consult your doctor and do not self diagnose.

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