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    Here Are Some Things You Must Know About Diet Soda

    Do you love diet soda too? Here are some factors to consider before drinking too much of this beverage.
    Updated at - 2021-06-23,16:15 IST
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    One of the most popular beverages of our times, diet soda is booming with each passing day. It is the healthier beverage as per brands’ claims and thus people are going crazy about it.  But you must not always believe what you are told, you must verify and check the facts to reveal the right information about anything and everything. Why we are telling you this is because diet soda, which we all love so much, probably is not as healthy and great as it is marketed to be. 

    It is made up of carbonated water, artificial sweeteners along additives ranging from colours, flavours, etc and may lead to diabetes, dementia, fatty liver, and other serious health conditions. So, here are some important facts that you must know about this widely popular beverage.

    Diet Soda Contains Sugars

    diet soda contain sugar

    It is definitely not possible for something to taste sweet and sugary without the addition of sugars in them. Although they claim that the drink is void of sugars it true, the complete thing to know is that diet soda contains aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, or a herbal sweetener which are over 1000 times sweeter than sugar. Drinking such drinks might also result in metabolic syndromes and alter your taste receptors in the brain. Diet soda may also cause high blood sugar and other cardiovascular diseases apart from the ones listed below and must thus be taken in absolute moderation.

    Can This Drink Actually Aid Weight Loss?

    Since this drink does not contain any calories, it is believed that probably they could also promote loss of weight. But that is not the truth, even though diet soda might not contain calories it cannot be compared to water. Water is a universal solvent and it flushes out all the impurities present in the body which diet soda cannot. In fact, the number of additives and artificial sugars that this drink has may end up causing obesity.

    It May Lead To Diabetes But Is Better Than Normal Soda

    diet soda is better than normal soda

    Although, studies have found that diet soda is better than normal soda in terms of diabetes. As in, diet soda may be a potential threat to your health as it may cause type 2 diabetes but the risk is half as that of normal soda.

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    Diet Soda Gives Rise To Kidney Trouble

    As per studies, this drink is not at all good for heart health or weight loss. And one other major concern that it raises is kidney issues. If you are someone who loves to drink more than one glass of this beverage then you are at a higher risk of having kidney-related troubles(herbs for kidney) as it increases the acid load on your kidneys making them vulnerable.  However, some studies have also contradicted this fact and have established that the high citrate and malate in diet soda may help in treating low urine pH levels and uric acid stones.

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    Low Bone Density

    low bone density

    Researchers have also found that mineral density in bones can be severely affected by these drinks especially in women. The high amount of phosphorus makes your calcium absorption weaker resulting in low bone density(how to improve bone health). Therefore, you must not go mad over this beverage just because brands tell you that, you must consider and understand what it offers and then consume it carefully.

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