Helping in the process of elimination of waste from our body, kidneys are the most important organs and therefore, we must preserve and protect them well. In today’s times, since we all are living unhealthy lifestyles, it is obvious that our body gets affected by it adversely and so do the waste filtering kidneys. 

And to reverse the effect of those herbs on our kidneys we need to perform a kidney cleanse.  Kidney cleanse is the deep cleansing of the kidneys by eating certain foods that promote this process. It helps in improving the functions of the kidney and thus making you healthier. Let us take a look at 5 herbs that are incredible for boosting your kidney’s health.

Dandelion Tea

herbs for kidney .

Dandelion tea is rich in potassium and has mineral electrolytes that boost kidney function by filtering out the toxins and improving the blood flow in the area.  Not only that, it contains very powerful antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress and makes the kidneys perform the process of excretion in a much smoother way. The increased blood flow also powers the kidney and helps cleansing it better.


herbs for kidney

Parsley is another herb that is great for lowering and balancing the pH levels of the urinary tract. It also has several important antioxidants that help in reducing stress in the kidney.

Apart from that, it lowers blood pressure and the risk of kidney stones. But this herb must be consumed in a  very limited quantity after proper consultation with your doctor so that you may not be subjected to any kind of risks related to kidney stones. In addition to that, it may also help in decreasing serum urea, uric acid, and creatinine. 

Red Clover 

herbs for kidney

This herb is also a powerhouse of nutrients and is known for its great benefits on our health. If you are looking forward to getting a kidney to cleanse this herb will definitely come in handy. Isoflavones present in red clover are highly beneficial for kidney diseases and help in the removal of kidney stones.  They also bring the body in optimal condition to help perform all its functions better. 

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herbs for kidney

Goldenrod is a plant that is native to many parts of Europe and South America mainly. It is known to have marvellous effects on human health and is also deemed to be great for the kidneys(signs of kidney failure). Therefore if you are upset with disturbed kidney functions, kidney disease, and any other conditions related to kidneys then goldenrod is the way to go. It is a diuretic and that is why it used to clear the urinary tract and flush out the toxins from the kidney. In the case of kidney stones, this herb can prevent them from happening and may also facilitate their natural removal from the body.

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herbs for kidney

These are herbs that are also known for being rich in various minerals that the body needs. They have high medicinal uses and can very effectively help you get rid of any kind of kidney disease(weight loss tips for kidney problems). Just like goldenrods, they too can be used to flush out the toxins and provide relief against kidney stones. 

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So, stay healthy and safe and stay tuned to Her Zindagi.