Soda water is a substance that comes in handy for a lot of things. And it is usually happening every day to us that we are trapped in the midst of some of the other problems which might not be very huge but they do keep us occupied. But did you know? You could use soda water to get rid of a lot of household issues plus what makes it more convenient to use is the price, it is available at almost every confectionery point and is cheap. Therefore, without wasting much of our time, let us take a look at the best uses and hacks of Soda water. Read on to find out more.

Remove Cup Stains 

soda water

You might have noticed how old cups have stains if tea/coffee marks on the inner end of the base and the brim. This makes the cups look dirty and unhygienic. You can easily get rid of this issue using soda water. All you have to do is fill the cups with soda water and leave them for at least half an hour and you will be surprised to wipe it and see an absolutely clean cup.

Water The Plants With It

Soda water is carbonated water along with added minerals and other micronutrients that are very beneficial for the plants. Regular water does not contain any such minerals and helps the plants through basic steps only. But if you talk about soda water, it fills in the extra needs of supplement for the plants. So even if the fizzyness dies of from the soda water, you know where to use it well.

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Soda Water For Clothes

Well, you might not know this but soda water is super beneficial when you talk about lifting stains from clothes. And that is why it should be made a part of your daily cleaning routine. The soda water deeply penetrates in the clothes and removes the tough stains that would otherwise ruin your garment. So, whenever a stain troubles you, the right way to tackle is to use soda water for it.

Soda Water Relieves The Gas Trapped In The Body

soda water

You might have experienced when you go hours without eating you either start having a headache or a tummy ache. This is generally because of the gases trapped inside our body that obstruct the gut in its smooth working. Eating too much can also result in the same issue, so you can easily deal with it by drinking soda water. The bicarbonates in the water dismiss the formation of harmful gases and make the process smooth by relieving the pain and inflammation in the stomach.

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Clean Your Jewellery With Soda Water

soda water

When expensive pieces of jewellery get accumulated with dirt and dust they turn black and that ruins the shine of the jewellery resulting in the loss of its charm. Well, fix this problem using soda water as your magic ingredient.  

All you need to do is soak the jewellery in soda water for 5 minutes and using an old toothbrush start rubbing over the surface gently. The bicarbonates in the water will help the dirt accumulated, to dissolve in it, making the jewellery piece super shiny and beautiful once again.

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