Delhi's air quality has dipped drastically in the last few days. You step out and you see a thick layer of smog and dust. Eye irritation, throat pain and headache, the air quality in Delhi is making it so difficult for all of us to breathe. 

The pollution levels have gone up and health specialist has suggested that this can harm the lungs. Yes, it is getting difficult to survive this pollution but there are some tips that you can keep in mind to survive this heavy pollution. 

Get That Face Mask

face mask air pollution

Seeing the heavy pollution in Delhi, the demand for air masks has gone up. Though as per reports, wearing a mask won't be a long term solution for this problem, you need to wear one whenever going outside. Use the right air pollution mask and not the surgical ones. The air pollution masks come with filters and help you breathe properly. N95 is the mask you need to buy. Reportedly, the Delhi Government would be distributing these masks to school children. 

Don't Step Out Early Morning

All those who have a habit of going for a walk early in the morning need to stop it for a while until the situation gets better. If you want to engage in any physical activity then do it at your home. Ask your kids to workout with you at home, take out Yoga mats, try some dance movies. You should avoid stepping out of your home if not required. 

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Try To Keep The Indoors Clean

The air is hazardous outside, if we can't do anything about it, let's start keeping our indoors clean. Keep your house clean. Try not to use mosquito sprays and incense sticks at your home. Clear any dust from the doors, windows, and floor.

Protect Your Skin

protection skin

This polluted air will have a bad impact on your skin. You need to wear protective clothing to prevent any damage to your skin. Wear full sleeves clothes, keep your skin covered. Every time you go back home from outside, clean your face with a good cleanser. Don't forget to moisturize your skin. Wear sunglasses, mask, and gloves whenever you go outside. 

Keep A Check on Your Diet

You need to eat the right food to prevent this harmful air from affecting your health. This harmful weather can lead to a lot of health issues. To keep these problems at bay, have immunity-boosting food. Have green veggies, Vitamin E diet and fruits. Make sure you drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated

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Use Air Purifier At Home

When the air is so harmful inside, it will anyway have a bad impact on the indoor air quality too. As a preventive measure, you can invest in a good air purifier. This will remove all the harmful pollutants from the air inside your home.

Post-Diwali, the air in Delhi has become really dangerous and till the time it gets better, you need to take extra care of yourself.