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    Give Your Breasts The Gentle Care They Deserve

    Breast care is very important in today’s time and here’s how you can do it yourself!
    Updated at - 2021-10-03,08:37 IST
    breast care

    Breast cancer has been one of the causes of worry for most women in today’s time. Detecting breast cancer may be difficult but caring for them isn’t. Incorporating minor things in your routine is not much of an effort for a better living. 


    Breast care has also become a conversational topic amongst people. People are becoming more aware and concerned than before. Their concerns have leveled for topics that are of importance to one and all. Many of our lifestyle choices do make a huge impact on our body but taking an alternative which is healthier for you and your body should be a first. 

    Here are some ways you can take care of your breasts at home by yourself.

    breast care guide

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    Regular Exercising 

    Incorporating physical activity in your daily life is a good way to keep you healthy. Activity releases a lot of toxins and helps release a lot of stress you may be dealing with. Physical exercises can also include sports activities like basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis and so on. 

    Sports allows you to have a great social circle which further motivates you to come back regularly. Coming back to whatever you have chosen is very important to make it a habit. When you do something for a while, let’s say 2 months, that’s when it results in your physical appearance also. 

    Seeing changes in your body is another motivation to go back. (Here's how to get slimmer thighs)

    breast care at home

    Massaging Your Breasts

    Moisturize and massage your breasts regularly as you do with your legs and arms. They are a part of your body as much as any other. Moisturizing is very important for hydration while massaging is important to lower the risk of breast cancer. Massaging also helps one relax and destress. Massage towards the side of the heart. 

    The breasts have a lot of lymph nodes present in them which carry a fluid called lymph. They decrease the chances of developing breast cancer. Massaging is thus necessary. While many times, our breasts also become dry and sore. That’s also when we use a moisturizer. 

    eating healthy

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    Eating Healthy

    Eating healthy has always been on top of the priority list for everybody. You can always go for salads at brunch or lunch dates with a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Vegetables are a good consumption choice. 

    Vitamin D is also essential for ladies to lower the risk of breast cancer. A good level of Vitamin D could help you in survival after being detected with breast cancer. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D and apply sunscreen whenever possible because your body needs it. 

    meet your doctor

    Meeting Your Doctor

    A woman should consider going to her doctor for a monogram at least once a year if she’s between the ages 40 - 50 years. If she’s above 50 years of age, once in 2 years is alright. But always recommend and advise with your doctor before you start or stop anything you see or read on the internet. (Checks you must get done according to your age)

    Your doctor knows you and your personal history. He/She knows what’s best for your body and you should trust them for the same.

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    Early breast cancer can help save your life. Here are some ways how you can detect if something’s wrong-

    • A lump in the breast
    • Swelling on a part of the breast or underarm;
    • A previously protruding nipple that becomes inverted;
    • A persistent rash at the nipple or areola;
    • Bloodstained discharge from the nipple; and
    • A change in the size or shape of the breast

    Breasts are a unique feature to us women and we should love them as much as we can. Caring for them is a must. Know more tips? Connect with us on our Instagram page and share with us.


    Stay tuned and keep reading to HerZindagi for more such tips!

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