Saffron or kesar is a popular spice in India and is often used in preparing different Indian dishes. Saffron is loaded with antioxidants that are great for your health. From improving your skin complexion to keeping blood pressure in control, saffron has some amazing health benefits. 

Do you know drinking saffron milk or kesar doodh is really beneficial for your health? Kesar doodh or saffron milk is a great drink, loaded with nutrients that you need to maintain your overall health. Here are some benefits of drinking saffron milk:

Keep Cold And Fever At Bay

kesar milk benefts

It is that time of the year when viral infections and allergies are really common. Cold and fever are one of the most common health problems that people face all across the year. As per a study, drinking saffron milk helps you get relief from cold and fever. Saffron is warm in nature and it helps get relief from cold quickly. 

Relief From Menstrual Cramps & Pain

A lot of women face difficulty at the time of menstruation. Menstrual cramps and pain are common during this time but it gets tough for a lot of women to deal with this amount of pain. Saffron milk has anti-inflammatory properties that help you get rid of this pain. 

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You Sleep Better

If you have trouble sleeping at night then this is the perfect remedy for you. According to research, saffron has antioxidants which help you treat insomnia. Drinking kesar doodh at night helps you have a good night sleep.

Good For Your Heart

You need to have the right diet to keep your heart healthy. Saffron is good for your heart. Saffron has a compound called Crocetin which helps in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood and prevents heart-related diseases

Improves Your Memory

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Kesar milk is the best memory booster for you. Drinking a glass of saffron milk helps you in improving the memory of your brain. You can make your kids drink it everyday to improve their memory.

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Treats Asthma, Joint Pains

Saffron milk is good for people suffering from allergies and asthma. The anti-inflammatory properties of saffron help in treating asthma and allergies. It also helps in getting relief from joint pains.
How To Make Saffron Milk?
Take a cup of warm milk and add a few strands of saffron. Let it soak in. After a few minutes, add sugar or honey to it. Make sure you don't add to much of sugar to the milk. You can add nuts to your milk for a nice flavor.