Ginger has been used as one of the most trusted home ingredients and remedies for treating a lot of health issues. And a solution which is also known as kadha is prepared by taking out the essence of ginger and dissolving it in boiling water. 

Ginger is not only known for its distinctive taste and strong smell but a lot of health benefits that come strung to it.  That is why, drinking this kadha in winters can help you a lot. Let us tell you some reasons why you should be drinking adrak ka kadha on daily basis.Take a look.

Some Benefits Of Drinking Adrak Ka Kadha In Winters


Relives Pain And Fights Infections 

When we exercise and workout, our muscles get stretched and stressed. The stress starts piling up. This in turn causes pain and tired in the body. To get rid of this pain, be sure to drink adrak ka kadha regularly as it is known to reduce the pain. Apart from that, adrak is also known to treat certain infections due to its antimicrobial properties.

Anti-inflammatory And Anti-Allergic

Adrak has the capacity to reduce inflammation in the muscles and cure chronic conditions linked to it, for example, osteoporosis, etc.  Further, it also has anti-allergic properties that can cure acute allergies by working on their very roots.

Great For The Respiratory System 

Fresh ginger kadha is great for healing your respiratory functions. It is often used in the treatment of Asthma and other respiratory problems including respiratory virus.

Provides Protection Against Stomach Ulcers 

Ginger is enriched with numerous active compounds such as gingerol and shogoal which are known for preventing stomach ulcers by creating a protective effect over the stomach.

Works Wonders For Women

Adrak can magically work for pregnant women during their pregnancy when they feel nauseous and can also help in reducing menstrual cramps and pain.  Just gulp down a cup of adrak kadha and you're good to go.

Some Other Benefits 


  • Great for curing a common cold, cough, etc. 
  • Known to build the immunity
  • Improves digestion 
  • Regulates Blood sugar spikes
  • Decreases cholesterol 
  • Facilitates better brain functions
  • May help some cancer patients

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Variations Of Adrak Ka Kadha


1.First variation is the Ginger Honey, and lemon kadha - This kadha is specially made to cure a sore throat. The amalgamation of ginger, honey and lemon is also great for soothing inflammation.

2. Then, you can add some Tulsi Leaves to the kadha- Providing instant relief to your cold and cough, this kadha is known for its immunity-boosting properties.

3.Black Pepper, Clove, and ginger kadha- This amazing kadha is another great way to deal with your health problems and providing relief to pain and chronic aches.

4.Ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom kadha- This kadha is specifically known for helping you build a flawless digestive system and enhance you respiratory power.

So, drink these kadhas regularly in winters to be in the pink of your health and to ward off any problem that is troubling especially during the winter season. Stay healthy and fit!

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