Many Indian households can hardly cook their vegetables and soups without onions, as it is a staple food ingredient in our country. Onions not only add great flavour, but they are great for your health too. They have essential vitamins and minerals that promote your health. Onions have phytochemical compounds that are believed to be great for your overall health. They regulate your blood sugar, prevent you from different cancers among other benefits. Read on to know why you should add onions to your diet. 

1. As per a study, onions have compounds that make cancer cells kill themselves. They prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. Regular consumption of onions helps in preventing the growth of cancer. People who consume onions are at the lowest risk of cancer.

onions health benefits

2. Onions are great for your heart health. They are rich in flavonoids that prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Onions thin your blood and that further reduces the risk of heart attacks. 

3. High blood sugar is a common problem among women these days. Adding onions to your diet will help you lower your blood sugar level. Onions have sulfur compounds which have a positive effect on your blood sugar. Don't Miss Diabetic? Here Are Some Healthy And Delicious Food Options For You

4. Onions have a fiber called inulin and this works great for your digestive health. This helps in maintaining healthy bacteria in your body. This further promotes easy digestion and keeps all the digestive orders at bay. 

onion health benefits

5. Ever heard that onions are great for your eyes? Well, they are. Onions help in the production of glutathione which is a protein for the eyes. A better production of this protein is helpful in reducing the risk of eye problems like cataract or macular degeneration. 

6. You can build a stronger immunity by adding onions to your diet. Onions have vitamin C and this helps us boost our immune system. Onions also have phytonutrients which improve your immunity and prevent you from common health problems. 

7. Onions have protein and potassium which is great for your hair health. Consuming onions will help you prevent all your hair problems. You can also add onion to your hair masks as they make your hair stronger and promote new hair growth. 

How To Add Onions To Your Diet?

  • Slice an onion and add it to your salad plate. 
  • Caramelized onions taste great with baked goods.
  • Add onions to make your curries.
  • Chop onions and add to your eggs, sandwiches and other snacks. 
  • Use onions for stir-fry dishes.
  • Prepare seasonings and chutneys using onions.
  • Make a homemade dressing using onions, herbs, oil, and vinegar. 
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