On the occasion of World Health Day, why don't you vow to adopt some healthy habits? Do you know it takes 21 days to develop a healthy habit? Use this 21-day lockdown to develop a healthy habit. A lot of times we plan to adopt a new habit but fail at it. Initially, we are confident that we will manage to make it a part of our lifestyle but does that happen for real? No! Now that the entire nation is under lockdown, there can be no better time to start.

So, according to the 21/90 rule, if you follow a healthy habit for 21 days straight, it becomes a habit and if you continue to follow it for 90 days then you make it a part of your lifestyle. You can use this 21 day quarantine period to achieve health goals. Here are some healthy habits you can adapt to reap amazing health benefits. 

1. Drink Hot Water In The Morning 

drinking hot water

Do you know it is believed that water is most beneficial when consumed hot? There are numerous benefits of starting your day with a glass of warm water. It is great for anyone who faces digestion problems like constipation. Warm water regulates your bowel movement, it improves digestion. If you want to lose weight, start your day with a glass of water. It increases your metabolic rate which further helps in losing those extra kilos. Consuming water first thing in the morning helps in balancing your immune system. It prevents you from falling sick. Drinking water first thing in the morning also helps you stay alert and energetic all day! 

2. Indulge In Some Physical Activity

yoga physical

For a healthy lifestyle and to stay fitter, in the long run, you need to add atleast one physical activity to your everyday routine. While you are busy with work, you don't really think of it but now that you stuck at home, indulge in some form of exercise, do Yoga, skipping, dance or anything you like. You must give atleast 30 minutes of your day to this physical activity. This not only helps in weight management but also helps you relieve stress. You feel happier, sleep better and become more productive. When your body stays active due to physical activity, it prevents the risk of any health diseases. 

3. Digital Detox 

digital detox

You may find it difficult to go for a digital detox during this quarantine period but this is the time you can do it really! All this while we all have been guilty for staying hooked to our smartphones all day. Believe it or not, this digital world has disconnected us from our real life. If you are glued to our phones and laptops throught the day, scrolling social media, replying to emails, checking notifications then you need a break. Using too much technology is one of the reasons behind insomnia. Not having enough sleep further affects your health negatively. Going for a digital detox will also have a good impact on your mental health. A lot of people who are too involved digitally are found suffering from depression. How can you go for a digital detox during quarantine?

  • Don't start your day scrolling through Instagram/Facebook. 
  • Don't use your phone while having your meals. 
  • Use your phone/laptop only when it is work-related. 
  • Stay off your phone/laptop before going to bed.  

4. Wake Up Early

wakeup early

A lot of us are using this quarantine period to sleep more. Are you indulging in too much sleep due to the lockdown? You may be putting your health at risk that way. You need to sleep for at least 8 hours a day. If you want to become an early riser but never could make it a habit then this is the time. Have you heard, “If you win the morning, you win the day”? Most successful people today are early risers. Waking up early in the morning can benefit your health in different ways. It helps you improve your productivity. You are able to focus more on things when you rise early. You make better decisions in life. Not just that, starting your day early also helps in improving your concentration. When you develop this habit of waking up early, you also enjoy a good night's sleep. 

5. Reduce Sugar/ Salt Intake

salt sugar intake

Consuming too much sugar and salt can lead to a lot of health problems. Use this time to reduce the intake of sugar and salt in your diet. You have all the time to keep a check on your diet and you can make some healthy eating habits during this time. Cutting down sugar and salt from your diet has some amazing health benefits. 

Reducing sugar intake helps in weight loss, keeps your teeth healthy, reduces the risk of diabetes, keeps you energetic all day. 

Consuming less salt in your diet helps in lowering blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attacks, prevents bloating, decreases the risk of kidney damage and also builds stronger bones. 

6. Start Writing Things Down

Writing things down helps you plan your goals for the future, it makes it easier for you to solve your everyday issues, it also works as a stress reliever. Keeping a journal just by your bed and writing your thoughts in it can have some amazing benefits for your mental health.

7. Snack Healthy

You don't really have access to your unhealthy snacks due to the lockdown and its time to revamp your snacking habits. When feeling hungry, ditch those wafers and go have a bowl of fruits or munch some nuts. Snacking smarter can help you fuel your body with essential nutrients that your unhealthy snacks can't! Healthy snacks prevent you from overeating, they help you focus more and boost your energy. Here are some healthy snacking options:

  • Nuts
  • Greek yogurt and fruits
  • Soya chips
  • Dark chocolate
  • Popcorn
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Granola bar
  • Peanut butter toast

8. Walk Around For 10-Minutes Through The Day

We all usually have a crazy working schedule, sitting at our work desks all day, attending conferences, meetings, we are just sitting all day! Do you know walking for 10 minutes through the day at different intervals can make a big difference? Now that you are at home, make it a habit to take a 10-minute walk as many times as you can during the day at different intervals. It's just 10 minutes and that's what is amazing! A few minutes can transform your physical and mental health. These 10-minute walks will help you reduce the risk of obesity, lower the risk of diabetes and breast cancer too. These walks also positively impact your mental health, lower the risk of depression and reduce stress. 

9. Read Everyday

reading benefits health

We are so addicted to our phones these days that we have just forgotten reading. When did you last read a book, newspaper or magazine? It's all up on your phone now. But do you know making reading a habit has some amazing benefits? Reading helps you in reducing stress, it improves your memory, it gives you inner peace and also stimulates your mind. Reading fills your mind with lots of information which makes you more knowledgeable. 

10. Sit Up Straight

It is so important to follow the right posture habits. It takes you days to form a habit to maintain the right posture. When we are at work or at home working, we usually lose the right posture and keep slouching. Use this time at home to correct your posture. Sitting up straight will prevent your back from aching more. People who have shoulders hunched forward have a problem breathing. The right posture also helps in breathing properly. Sitting up straight also prevents fatigue as the muscles are used more efficiently. 

11. Keep Surroundings Clean

keep surroundings clean

Your surroundings play a key role when it comes to your health. A dirty surrounding puts your health at risk. While you are busy with work, you forget to pay attention to your surroundings both at work and at your home. Now make it a habit to clean your surroundings everyday. Start with your bed, your room, all the essentials. This will prevent any infection, improves your productivity. A clean environment also minimises your stress and helps you feel better. 

12. Smile More

This one is an easy habit to adopt. Raise the corners of your mouth and smile more often! Smiling prodcues endorphins which gives you happiness and has amazing benefits for your overall well being. Here are some benefits of smiling more:

  • It lowers your blood pressure
  • Improves your mood
  • Boosts your immunity
  • It increases your life span
  • Smile works as a pain killer

13. Have More Fruits And Vegetables

Till the time you are stuck at home due to the lockdown, you can't head to your favourite cafe and enjoy your favourite fries! Use this quarantine time to have more fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is a good idea to make your own meal and add loads of green veggies to it. This way you will fuel your body with the right nutrients. Fruits are a great snacking option whenever you feel like munching between the meals.

14. Have Your Meals On Time

Our body runs on our diet and it is important to fuel it on time. Now that you are at home, your working schedule, sleep pattern everything has changed but make sure you try to adopt this new habit of eating on time. Have your key meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. Having your meals on time has some health benefits like it prevents digestion problems, boosts metabolism and helps you maintain a healthy routine.

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15. Get Some Fresh Air

How often do you take a break from work and go out in the balcony to get some fresh air? Before everything gets sorted and you are back to work, make sure you adopt this habit. Keep taking mini-breaks from your office desk and get some fresh air. You need some fresh air in between to reduce your stress levels. It also helps you feel lighter and happier. 

16. Clean Your Hands Before Eating Anything

With coronavirus outbreak, one new habit we all are trying to adopt is to wash our hands frequently. We are so busy with our work and other things that we sometimes forget to clean our hands before eating something. Another healthy habit we can develop during this time is to wash our hands before having anything, be it a proper meal or even a packet of chips in between. This can prevent you from transferring any germs to your mouth. Keep infections at bay with this one simple habit. 

17. Quit Smoking

This may look like a difficult habit to build but it isn't impossible. Smoking puts your health at stake and now that you are at home with your loved ones, you may find it easier to quit it. You constantly get motivation from your loved ones and that's what helps you more. Start with understanding that one cigarette or even one puff can hurt. Use this time to replace this negative habit with a positive one like you can try working out or meditating. Even if you fail by the end of the day, get up and try again. 

18. Meditate

meditate benefits

Did you hear about the benefits of meditation lately? Mediation is gaining a lot of popularity these days and one reason behind it is the amazing health benefits. Here are some health benefits of meditation:

  • Reduces stress
  • Good for mental health
  • Improves sleep 
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Helps in fighting addictions
  • Controls anxiety
  • Make it a habit to meditate for 5-10 minutes everyday

19. Drink Milk At Night

Packed with vitamins and minerals, milk is great for your overall health. A lot of experts suggest drinking milk at night. Use this period to make it a habit to have a cup of warm milk before going to sleep. Having milk at night helps you sleep well, it helps to build healthy bones, promotes weight loss, gives you energy, reduces your stress and cholesterol levels among other health benefits. 

20. Give Attention To Your Mental Health

We often forget to pay attention to our mental health. We all wish to lead a healthy life but it is impossible to achieve it without being mentally healthy. Along with giving attention to your physical health, you need to pay attention to your mental health as well. Mental health is connected to your physical health. If you have mental issues then it will reflect on your physical health. If you have mental health issues like anxiety disorders, depression, behavioural disorders then make sure you consult a doctor for the same. Make it a habit to sit down and give some time to your mental health. Relax your mind, take a deep breath, give it 5 minutes and then begin your day.

21. Let Your Body Rest

Do you work 24*7 and give no rest to your body? You may feel like you are too productive that way but won't realise it will damage your health in the long run. Just like work, rest is also important. Don't punish your body by working too much. Make it a habit to take out time for some rest. Your body and mind need to relax in between work all day to function properly. Give atleast 45 minutes to your body where it can relax. During this time, use no gadget. Just sit back or lay down and relax. You can listen to some relaxing music if you wish to.
We hope you all use this lockdown period in the most productive way. If you have made some healthy changes in your life during this quarantine period then don't miss sharing those with us!