There are days when we feel drained out and look out for places that can help us restore peace of mind. Why to search for calm spots outside, when you can have one at home. After all, while living this sedentary lifestyle, the importance of time and space to de-stress can’t be further emphasised. If you too want to set up a corner that allows you to relieve stress, follow these easy steps. 

Choose A Room Or Space That Makes Gives You Positive Vibes

screen meditation

When it comes to u have to keep in mind the picking the right room the lighting, the quietness and the fact that how many people walk through it. The room or the sapce has to provide you with solace. If there is no such room then look for a corner of a room or somehwre in the garden maybe. Even a corner in your balcony is fine. You can even like to put up a bamboo screen to create the feeling of a separate space.

Keep The Room Simple And Uncluttered

declutter meditation room

Spend on some items that make you feel at peace and bring in some serenity. Ths would include a meditation pillow, a small table, a mat, and a nice throw rug.

Touch Of Nature 

Mediation is all about connecting with your rrounding, especially nature. By adding an element of nature, your space becomes infused with balance and harmony. You can place your favourite plant, a vase of flowers, a jar of shells, a small water feature or whatever else it is that you find beautiful in nature.

Music For The Soul 

Bit of some peaceful, soothing and calming music is necessary., It cuts you off from the noise otherwise. Another option is that you can get a small fountain in your room. The sound of the water is soothing itself. 

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Create A Beautiful Aroma 

aroma meditation 

It helps you stay focused and fills your space with beautiful and soothing energies. You can put some incense, aromatic oils or candles with meditative scents in the room. If you use candles, it can be very meditative to just watch the flame flicker.

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Personalise Your Space 

To make your space more personal and peaceful, tranquil, add anything that soothes your soul. Add those chimes you like, if you like bells then go ahead and decorate. If you love crystals, affirmation stones, Buddha statues, or any artwork for that matter, just go ahead and get them in your room if it will provide you with peace and serenity!  You can also get the room painted in your favourite colours.