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  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial

#shilpakamantra 5 Times Shilpa Shetty Gave Her Fans Some Serious Fitness Advice

Want to know Shilpa Shetty's mantra for fitness? Read on to know Shilpa Shetty's best-kept fitness secrets. 
Published -18 Jan 2022, 08:00 ISTUpdated -21 Jan 2022, 12:28 IST
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
  • Published -18 Jan 2022, 08:00 ISTUpdated -21 Jan 2022, 12:28 IST
shilpa shetty fitness mantra

We all are well aware that actress Shilpa Shetty is such a stickler for fitness. She is known for promoting yoga and wellness to improve the quality of life. Being an ardent yoga enthusiast, her Instagram is peppered with yoga asanas, workout videos and other fitness related advice. Apart from being an actress, she is also a wellness influencer. 

For Shilpa Shetty age is just a number. Being a mother of two children Viaan Raj Kundra and Samisha Shetty Kundra, Shilpa is still as fit as ever. She just seems to keep getting younger each day with her shapely frame. And how we all would love to have that shut-up-and-bounce beach body. If you follow her Instagram closely, she shares her fitness mantras with her fans regularly. Here are the 5 times Shilpa Shetty gave her fans some serious fitness advice, in case you missed them.

Hustle Muscle

Hustle For That Muscle

The actress believes that discipline, dedication and consistency is a requite so as to see results. She told her Instagram fans that dreams as well as muscle building both require some amounts of hustle. She also encouraged her fans to keep pushing themselves and keep moving forward. She also urged the fans to keep a check on their sugar intake, eat a balanced diet and set the goal of being fitter than before. 


Stay Positive

Staying positive is something that you’ll hear from all fitness enthusiasts. This helps you achieve a lot in life and in your fitness journey as well. You need to remember this especially in times when you feel truly desolate. The actress urges her fans to continue treading the path of fitness while taking breaks whenever necessary. She further added that taking a break is fine but quitting is not. She inspires her fans to be their own source of motivation. 

Chew Well

Chew Your Food Well

The actress insists her fans not just to eat healthy food but also eat it more mindfully. She said “The more you patiently chew every morsel, the easier it is to digest. Moreover, chewing food more thoroughly also increases blood flow to the stomach and gut.”  She is a firm believer of mindful eating and hence insists on eating the food with a feeling of gratitude. 

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Disconnect to Reconnect

Shipla Shetty captioned the image and wrote “Maintaining a healthy balance amid all the chaos in the world is challenging. But, it is important to be able to disconnect from the outside/digital world to reconnect with yourself. Only when you’re in tune with your own thoughts will you be able to align yourself with everything else externally. Offline is the new luxury. Disconnect and pamper yourself.” It is certainly a gem of advice for the Insta generation.    

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Best version

Be The Best Version In You

Lastly, she encourages everyone to keep working on themselves and improving themselves. She told her fans that one can only be the best version of themselves if they are putting in their 100 percent. She wrote “Make it worthwhile by giving your dreams, goals, and passion your 100%. But, remember your health and diet are responsible for bringing out the best version of you to take on the world. Go the extra mile and take good care of yourself.”

If you wish to share any of your favourite fitness mantras, do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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