How To Develop A Mindful Relationship With Food

Learning all about developing the habit of mindful eating.

Kumari Rajnigandha
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Today’s world is replete with unhealthy choices and a lot of people seem to be struggling with their weight. Eating healthy is not easy if your nearest supermarket brims with processed food in shiny and colourful packaging. We all have known at least one friend who is trying their best to lose weight but despite their earnest efforts is unable to. Well, let’s introduce that friend to the concept of mindful eating.

What Is Mindful Eating?

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Mindful eating means being able to savour each and every bite that we consume. When we indulge in eating we must ensure that we are paying complete attention to the texture, colour, smell and flavour of the food. Having your heart, mind and body present in the moment while you’re having food is the core idea of mindful eating.

Mindful eating means alerting our senses to the flavours of the food so that we can fully relish it. While mindful eating is a requirement of the present day, it is none less than an arduous task which comes only with practice.

Incorporating The Habit Of Mindful Eating Every Single Day

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Eating is supposed to be a fulfilling and wholesome experience for each one of us. And yet, there are people who can’t seem to have their appetites satiated ever. There are people who can’t seem to stop binge eating. A mindful eater will never be found gorging on amounts of unhealthy snacks every now and then. So how does one really develop this habit of mindful eating? Well, it is not as difficult as it appears to be.

  • First and foremost, chew your food slowly. Don’t end up eating all your food within minutes even if you can. Remember, it’s not a race.
  • One of the ways you can incorporate mindful eating is by getting rid of all forms of distraction while eating. Yes, it means you’ll have to save that Netflix series for sometime later.
  • Savouring each bite will make your food even more scrumptious.
  • For those midnight cravings, keep a fruit bowl ready. And don’t forget to engage all your senses. You can give yourself a little treat once in a while, as you are accomplishing your goals of developing this disciplined way of eating.
  • Eat at the same time every single day.

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Benefits Of Mindful Eating

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There are plenty of benefits that are associated with mindful eating.

You’ll Feel Energetic

Mindful eating helps to keep you feeling rejuvenated and happy all through the day. You’ll notice you’re less cranky than in your usual days. It simply leaves you feeling positive overall.

Weight Loss And Reduced Stress

Mindful eating also helps to keep your weight in check. You won’t put on the extra weight that you’d been anticipating. You are sure to feel happy about yourself and your weight. If you have been struggling with body image issues, mindful eating will certainly help you put your anxieties at ease.

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Less Cravings

When you have mastered this art of mindful eating, you’ll notice that you don’t feel the need to consume fast food as much. You realise you don’t feel the need to binge eat ice-cream in the middle of the night.

Mindful eating is not a crash diet that will help you reduce weight immediately. It is rather a lifestyle choice that you develop for your physical and mental well being.

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