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    Expert Shares Exercise Routine That You Should Follow In 2022 To Stay Fit & Healthy

    If you want to stay fit and healthy in 2022, then read on.
    Updated at - 2022-01-05,14:32 IST
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    The way the world views health and fitness has shifted dramatically in the last two years, ever since the pandemic wreaked havoc all across the globe. Due to the closure of gyms and fitness centers, social distancing measures, and an influx of digital workout platforms, more and more people than ever before began exercising at home and purchased equipment to build out their home gyms. As the new year approaches, expect a new wave of fitness trends to sweep the nation. Although at-home workouts are here to stay, the overall approach to wellness has transformed completely. People are now focusing their time and effort not only on how they work out but also on why they work out. As technology advances, more people are adopting a more scientific approach to their health, abandoning get-fit-quick schemes in favor of holistic approaches that provide advantages beyond just physical strength.

    Let’s take a closer look at a few of the fitness trends shared by Ms. Rubaina Adhikari,Fashion Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast & Dietician that will change the way you sweat in 2022.

    Hybrid Is The Fututre 

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    While many of us had become accustomed to going to the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, a new commuting schedule and work-from-home environment necessitated flexibility — both literally and metaphorically. If you can't make it to your yoga studio as frequently as you'd like, now is the time to look into what's available online. Virtual and hybrid forms of fitness will continue to be popular in 2022. While many people have returned to physical settings, not everyone is at ease or interested in doing so. Hybrid and virtual models provide for greater training flexibility and can make diverse forms of activity more accessible to a broader audience.

    Increase in Yoga And Pilates 

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    Since not everyone always has a lot of space to indulge in a proper workout session, yoga and Pilates are popular among individuals who have set up shop at home. All you need is a yoga mat, and your studio flat transforms into a mini-gym. Yoga can be a useful strategy for coping with the uncertainty and solitude of the lockdown, as well as maintaining physical wellness. Even though the majority of the country's population has been vaccinated, a strong immune system is still the only way to protect against Coronavirus. Yoga has become a popular practice for many people due to its benefits for immunity and lung health. To regain balance and strength during and after lockdown, a rising number of practitioners are turning to online yoga programs. It demonstrates the increased significance of yoga in post-COVID-19 health.

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    Self-Care: A Part Of Workouts 

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    Self-care is more crucial than ever, especially in the aftermath of such a turbulent period. It's only natural that they should correspond with our workouts. Physical and mental rehabilitation is becoming more popular, both between training sessions and when it comes to work-life balance. In order to cope up with stress, people will prioritize workouts and utilize therapeutic practices, for instance, cold-water swimming, float pods, meditation, or breathwork.

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    The Bottom Line

    Ms. Rubaina Adhikari says, “Without a doubt, everything came to a halt as a result of the global health crisis; however, better techniques of coping with oneself and the changes around were gradually discovered. People made sure that a balanced diet was accompanied by a strong training plan since health was prioritized like never before. Thus, we've highlighted certain fitness trends that will take over the coming year after two rough years of the pandemic.”

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