Dr. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra – Director, The Yoga Institute, says Each one of us has experienced constipation at some point or the other in our lives. Constipation is nothing but hard and dry stools that are difficult to eliminate from the body. That is why it becomes difficult to have bowel movements every day. If the condition deteriorates, then one can even go weeks without having any bowel movements, which leads to damage of the excretory system and chronic constipation.

Some of the symptoms of Constipation could be:

  • Hard and dry stools
  • No bowel movements for 2-3 days
  • Painful or difficult to have bowel movements
  • Swollen abdomen or bloating, along with pain
  • Lethargy and flatulence

But what exactly causes Constipation? The reasons can be many, like:

Poor Diet

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This is one of the common causes of Constipation, in adults. Untimely eating manner, refined and processed food products, and haphazard eating manner can disrupt the digestive system.


The increased blood sugar can easily damage the nerves, which further leads to constipation. So people having diabetes are more prone to constipation than others.

Laxative overdose

When you overuse the laxatives, you are practically training your body and mind to be dependent on them. This weakens your natural intestinal movements and leads to constipation.


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The mind directly affects the body and its systems. Stress, anxiety, and depression can make the body sluggish and pathway for constipation.


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Our bodies are made up of 75% water. It is only the water that helps to keep our stool soft and helps with the excretory movement. Not drinking enough water can lead to hard stools as the intestines absorb more water.

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Holding it back

Not going to the toiler just because you are in a meeting or traveling, can also lead to constipation.

Here are some Yogic techniques that you can adopt to deal with constipation:


pavanamukht asana

This helps to improve the digestive system and is effective to get rid of flatulence. It provides relief in case of chronic constipation as well.



This asana puts all the pressure on the abdominal organs, thereby aids the elimination process.

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Popularly known as the Cobra Pose, it is beneficial and effective for improving the function of the digestive system. It not only strengthens the abdominal muscles but also cleanses the entire digestive tract.


This asana helps to correct the posture, while improving the blood circulation to the abdominal area, thereby aiding the process of digestion. Vajrasana is also beneficial in various conditions like stomach disorders, constipation, and other digestive problems.

Pranayama IV

In this, the abdominal muscles get exercised, which helps to improve the digestive system. Regular practice of this pranayama helps to get away with the problem of constipation.

Few more tips to cure constipation:

  • Drink warm water every day.
  • Have a healthy diet that includes fibrous fruits, seasonal vegetables and 12-13 glasses of water.
  • Food items that naturally deal with constipation are Yogurt, Whole Grains, Butter Milk, Herbal Tea, and Mangoes.