Dried dates are yummy for all those who have a sweet tooth but the combination of milk and dates is epic as it is yummy but highly nutritious as well. It is an interesting mix some may but some may not be knowing about. This amazing mixture can cure many diseases. 


cough dates milk

Have some dates with honey and warm milk. This removes the sputum and deals with the prolonged cough. What you need to do is boil 5-8 dates with milk and drink it hot. 

Anemia, Nervous Diseases, Erectile Dysfunction

All you got to is soak some of the dates in milk for 24 hours. Also add in saffron and cardamom, a tsp of grated ginger while having it with the milk.


insomnia dates

For those sleepless nights just have 2-3 dates with warm milk. 

Heart Pain

For high heart rate you just have to consume 2 dates with 2 tsps of honey and half a glass of milk. 


Cook 5-8 dates in half a litre of milk, cool it and drink it in the morning on empty stomach.

You can add the remaining dates that were boiled with your porridge in the morning breakfast

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Have 50-70 g of dates for a few mornings soaked in milk just 30 minutes before meals. Do this for three weeks.  


Have crushed dates with ground black cumin in a 2: 1 ratio. Just add in a glass of milk and this will help you cure the excess gas formation. 


If you fear a hangover, then do prepare a concoction of dates soaked in milk for a day and have those softened dates.  

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Nursing Mothers

It is said that soaked dates are very good for breastfeeding mothers

Consult your doctor once before you diagnose yourself with anything.