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Want To Reduce Arm Fat? Try These Exercises Daily

If you want to reduce your arm fat, then here are 7 easy exercises that will help you.
Published -31 Jan 2022, 08:00 ISTUpdated -28 Jan 2022, 18:28 IST
arm fat exercises main

Everyone’s body is different and has a different perception about fitness. Some people have to reduce their stomach, some have problems with their hips, some people want to have toned legs and some people have fat on their arms. 

If you are also one of those people who want to reduce arm fat and want toned arms, then here is a arm workout routine for you. Here are 9 exercises that can be done for 30 seconds to minutes each. Do these exercises every morning and get toned arms. 

Arm Circles

circle arm fat exercises

You have to do this exercise in two ways. First 15 seconds, do large arm circles and then, do small arm circles for the next 15 seconds. If you are troubled by the fat present near your underarms, then this exercise will reduce it too.

How To Do

First of all, stand with the feet open on the shoulder width. After this, spread both your hands on the shoulder length and move your hands in a big circle first clockwise and anti-clockwise, taking care not to twist the hands.

After this, move your hands in small circles. This exercise can be done from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Arm Cross Overs

As the name suggests, in this exercise, we have to rotate our arms in a criss-cross form. 

How To Do

The position of the feet will remain same as in the first exercise. Open your hands. Now take your hands near the chest and do it in a criss-cross form. If you can do it, then criss-cross your feet in the same form while jumping.

This exercise has to be done for 1 minute. This is also a very effective exercise to reduce bra fat.

Body Weight Curls

This exercise is much easier to do. Just do it like you are lifting weights. 

How To Do

Bring the feet a little closer, but they should not be sticking. Now, straighten your hands by keeping them close to the body. Keep your elbows together and move your hands up, just like you lift dumbbells. This exercise has to be done quickly and it will work on the biceps very quickly. 

You have to do this for 1 minute. It not only affects biceps but also the shoulder and back fat muscles. 

Plank Reaches

plank reaches arm fat exercises

This is a modified form of normal plank itself. It is easy to do and if you find it difficult to hold a plank, then you will like exercise very much. 

How To Do

For this, make a position like a normal plank. Keep moving your hands one by one. First, move the left hand forward and keep the right hand still. Then, repeat with the other side. 

Body Weight Dips

This exercise will affect the toning of your arms as well as your body weight along with the entire body. 

How To Do

To do this exercise, take the support of a chair or a ladder or a low-height bed. Put your hands on the support and sit in front of it like you are sitting on a chair. Then, move in an up and down motion. 

This has to be done for one minute without stopping. This will also give strength to your upper body. 

Reverse Table Top

table top arm fat exercises

This is a position holding exercise and you have to stay in one position for a long time. 

How To Do

First of all, lie on your back. After this, bend the knees and then, try to lift your back. Then, keep the arms straight. Try to hold this position for 25 seconds to 1 minute. 

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Wall Push Ups

You will find this arm exercise easy and if you are not able to do normal push ups, then it is a good alternative. 

How To Do

Stand 1 arm away from the wall. Now, place both the hands on the wall and do push ups. Do this for 2 minutes.

Normal Plank Hold

plank arm fat exercises

This is a normal plank hold that will work not only on your upper body fat but also, on your belly fat. 

How To Do

Make a plank position keeping your body straight. Try to hold it for a minute. 

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These exercises will take only 10-15 minutes everyday. Do this workout daily and you will have toned arms. Make sure to start light and increase with time. 

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