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    Know What Your Food Cravings Tell You About Your Body Needs

    Our body has several ways of conveying its needs and food cravings are one of them. Know what your body is telling you through certain food cravings.
    Updated at - 2021-07-05,18:22 IST
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    Cravings are a way of telling us that our body needs something. These needs can be physical or psychological. We crave different things for different kinds of needs. However, it is difficult to identify why our body needs something. Therefore, we are here to help you identify what your body is telling through certain food cravings.

    Tea And Coffee

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    Drinking tea or coffee is a part of the daily routine for most people. However, if you start to drink it more than usual, then it means that you are craving caffeine. The main reason for this craving can be a lack of hydration. Other reasons can include high-stress levels and low energy levels.

    Salty Food

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    We crave salty foods like chips and french fries very often. This is a sign that our body is low on electrolytes as well as dehydrated. The best way to curb this salt craving is to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well as drink some refreshing drinks. You need to stay away from those salty foods as they add to dehydration.


    Carbs include bread, starchy vegetables, honey, sugar, beans, etc. and it is necessary for our health to consume high-carb foods in limited quantities. If you are craving any of these foods that are rich in carbs that means, there is a fluctuation in your blood sugar levels.

    In order to curb these cravings, you should consume foods rich in fibre including fruits and green leafy vegetables. This doesn’t mean that you should completely eliminate carbs from your diet. Carbs are important for you but in a limit.

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    Cheese is comfort food for most of us. This yummy food item just melts in your mouth taking all your problems away. L-tryptophan, an amino acid present in cheese (cheese benefits) is highly effective for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PMS.

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    We all love chocolate (history of chocolate) because of its delicious taste. However, the taste is not the only reason that we are drawn to this sweet treat. Craving chocolates can be a sign of high levels of stress and PMS. Chocolates are rich in certain vitamins, minerals, and compounds including magnesium, chromium, theobromine, and fatty acids. Cravings can signify a deficiency of all these components.

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    Sugar is often linked with good mental health and can add fuel to your body. Therefore, after a bad day, you often crave sweets which is an indication that your body needs to be refueled. Although, sugar can help to energise you and uplift your mood but it's not a healthy option. Instead of sweets, go for low-sugar food items like dark chocolate, fruits, berries, and Greek yogurt.

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