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    9 Natural Sugar Alternatives You Must Switch To For Better Health

    If you want to control your sugar intake yet love sweet dishes then here are some natural sugar substitutes to help you out.
    Updated at - 2021-07-01,16:40 IST
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    Besides sugar, there are many other ingredients that can make your coffee, tea, smoothie sweet. Go for natural ingredients as substitutes if you care for your health, You won't miss sugar at all! They are easily available and have health benefits as well.


    This substitute is amazing as it has antioxidants as well. However, you have to get the natural one and not the one you get on shelves in the market as most of them have sugar infused in them. You can put some in your tea or coffee or even salad dressings. 

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    Maple Syrup

    This one has a lot of health benefits as well. Like honey is a gift from bees, this is a gift from a plant’s sap. This syrup also contains over 50 antioxidants. Simply spread on your waffles or when you make your granola bars, infude it in that.


    All you have to do is blend some raisins together in a food processor and use it in your cakes and bakes or anything else that you love your otherwise sugar in. It is packed with fiber, antioxidants so there is nothing to lose.  



    Spike your coffee or tea with a pinch of cinnamon and add subtle sweetness while boosting immunity. And guess what? No calories are included! 

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    Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

    cocoa powder

    All you have to do is mix in some unsweetened cocoa powder with some hot water or milk. It will satisfy your sweet tooth without adding sugar. Spike it with some vanilla extract and get that flavour as well!


    Just add cranberries to your muffins and cake and you are good to go. You don't need sugar at all! 

    Processed Dates


    Pick up a handful of dates and use the boost of antioxidants as well! It is sweet and a good alternative for sugar too. Substitute two-thirds cup for one cup of regular sugar.

    Coconut Sugar

    coconut sugar

    This one is great for smoothies! It is natural and comes in many forms like paste, granules or blocks. Also, it is a super source of potassium which is good for your bones. 

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