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Sabudana Khichdi: Amazing Benefits Of The Ultimate Upavas Delicacy

Rujuta Diwekar shares why you should add sabudana khichdi to your diet.
sabudana khichdi main

Sabudana khichdi is the ultimate upavas/vrat food in every Indian household. It is everyone’s favourite because of its taste but it is also extremely healthy along with being tasty. This dish is gaining popularity across the globe for being a dairy free and gluten free nutritious meal. 

The healthy meal plate is winning hearts all over the world and you should also try it. Your dadi/nani must have recommended you to have this dish as it is good for you and we can’t really argue about the great taste of the khichdi.

Your grandmother was absolutely correct as Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar also suggests the same. Rujuta Diwekar says, “this plant food (sabudana) with legumes (peanuts), greens (curry pata, dhaniya ), spices (jeera, mirchi), good fat (coconut, ghee), (oh my aaji must be rolling her eyes somewhere even in her afterlife) is winning hearts and souls of nutritionists and chefs across the globe.” She shares some amazing benefits of the dish.

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Benefits Of Sabudana Khichdi

Rujuta Diwekar has not only shared the amazing benefits of sabudana khichdi but she has also mentioned what amount should be consumed and in what quantities. 

Recovery After Flu

If you want to excite your taste buds, stroke your appetite and accelerate recovery when recovering from flu, fever, etc, then you should have 1 small bowl of sabudana khichdi once the medicine or antibiotics course ends. 

Prevent Bleeding In Menopause & Endometriosis

rujuta diwekar sabudana khichdi

In order to prevent excessive bleeding in menopause and endometriosis, then you should have 1 small bowl of sabudana khichdi every week. If the bleeding is still excessive, then you should have it on the 4th or 5th day of your period. 

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Increase Fertility

In order to increase fertility levels when trying to get pregnant, you should have 1 small bowl twice a week at your preferred time. It is especially recommended to people who plan to freeze their eggs. Rujuta Diwekar advices to have it once the injections start. 

Pre Menopausal Fatigues

During the pre-menopausal phase, if you experience harsh headache and fatigue just before your period starts, then you should have 1 small bowl on the day your head starts to get heavy or throbs or there is excessive bloating. 

Spotting Around Ovulation

benefits sabudana khichdi 

If you begin to see spotting around ovulation, then you should have 1 small bowl of sabudana khichdi around ovulation and you will see desired results. 

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Loss Of Appetite During Periods

If you feel that you are facing a loss of appetite during the PMS week or during your periods, then you should have 1 small bowl of sabudana khichdi around lunch time with dahi or curd

All the above-mentioned benefits are the reasons why you should add sabudana khichdi to your daily diet. It is extremely beneficial and will help you to overcome many health problems if you follow the instructions. Consume the required quantity and will soon see some positive results. 

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