There is nothing like a bowl of fresh and creamy curd. Curd or dahi is one of the most consumed dairy products in Indian households. As we all know, it is great to consume dairy products every day, for they help you stay healthy and have loads of health benefits. It is easy to add curd to your everyday diet. Rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and calcium, curd is the perfect health food. It is easy to digest curd as it is light on the stomach. Start consuming curd to enjoy its health benefits:

Great For Digestion 

Eating curd is good for your stomach. Curd is a probiotic which contains live bacteria. This bacteria is highly beneficial in improving your digestive system. It is very light on your stomach and gets digested easily. It also helps you in treating stomach disorders like constipation, diarrhea or indigestion. 

Makes Your Skin Beautiful 


If you want your skin to glow naturally then curd is the best product for you. Curd is a great remedy for you if you are struggling with your dry and dull skin because it keeps your skin moisturised. It is a great ingredient that makes your skin healthy from within. Curd is also used in a lot of face packs because it exfoliated your skin well and clears all the dead skin. Curd is also rich in vitamin E that reduces the signs of aging. 

Regulates Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common health problems today. To maintain your blood pressure, start eating curd as it has nutrients like potassium which lower your blood pressure. By regulating your blood pressure, curd promises you a healthy heart. Regular consumption of curd also brings down your cholesterol. 

Makes You Lose Weight

lose weight with curd

Yes, curd can help you lose weight. It doesn't allow the fat to deposit around your belly. Also, regular eating of curd reducing your junk food cravings. This decreases your unhealthy eating and helps you cut down on your everyday calories. It is low in calories and also helps in maintaining your weight.

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Boosts Your Immunity

Studies suggest that consuming curd can help you fight disease-causing germs in your body and keep your intestinal tract healthy. Thus, curd acts as a great food to boost your immunity. A better immune system ensures you a healthy living. 

Makes Your Bones Stronger

Curd is rich in calcium and we all know how calcium is important to keep your bones healthy. Eating curd helps you increase your bone density. 

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Curd is one food product that can be prepared at home and is also easy available in the market. It is rich in protein, calcium and vitamin D which are essential for the healthy functioning of the body. You can have curd with your lunch or consume it in the morning for breakfast. Make sure you add curd to your daily diet for its amazing benefits. For more such stories, stay tuned.