Maida or refined flour is one of the most commonly used ingredients to prepare everyday food items like bread, biscuits, sweets among other things. 

Most foods that we consume on a daily basis are prepared using maida. However, there is a lot of debate on whether maida or all-purpose flour is healthy for us or not. According to a lot of studies, all-purpose flour has many health disadvantages. If you consume maida on a regular basis in a large quantity then here are some disadvantages you should know. 

Increases Blood Sugar Level

All-purpose flour has a high glycaemic index which means that when you eat something prepared using maida, a lot of sugar is released in your body which directly gets into your bloodstream and increases the blood sugar level of the body. All-purpose flour is clearly not healthy for diabetics. Consuming maida regularly can put you at the risk of becoming a diabetic. 

Leads To Weight Gain

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All our favourite junk food, right from pizzas to cakes are prepared using maida or refined flour which is really unhealthy for the body. This is one reason why nutritionists suggest avoiding junk food completely for weight loss. 

Maida slows down the metabolic rate of your body. When you consume more maida, your body stops burning up the fats and instead starts storing them. This eventually leads to weight gain. 

Bad For Digestive System

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Do you know, all purpose flour has no fibers? Fiber is essential for a healthy and strong digestive system. However, consuming foods like maida which have a high amount of carbs aren't great for your digestion. When you consume refined flour, it sticks to your intestines like glue and it gets difficult to get rid of it. Also, refined flour doesn't lead to the growth of good bacteria in your stomach which improves digestive health

Weakens Bones

All purpose flour is acidic in nature. When you consume it in excess, the bone density decreases. The presence of a high amount of acid in maida can lead to a lot of bone-related issues like arthritis and inflammation. 

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Bad Cholesterol

maida refined flour unhealthy

Having a bad cholesterol level is harmful to your health. Consuming all-purpose flour leads to bad cholesterol in the body which can also lead to cardiovascular diseases. 

Keeps You Hungry

Chips, cakes, burgers, when you consume anything prepared of maida, you feel more hungry. You crave for sweets and more junk food and end up consuming a lot of calories which are harmful for your body and can lead to obesity. 

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Healthy Substitutes To Maida

Not that you know the disadvantages of consuming maida or refined flour, you should completely avoid consuming it. There are various healthy alternatives to maida. One of the best alternatives is whole grains. Wheat, brown rice, bajra, ragi, and jowar are good replacements for all-purpose flour in your kitchen. Even soy flour, semolina, and gram flour are good options. 

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From preparing your breads to noodles, you can use other grains for preparing your regular food. These taste great and are healthy as well. 

Maida isn't healthy for us but most food items avaialble in the market are prepared using it. Even if you feel like eating something prepared using maida, you should have it once in a while. Try to look for healthier alternatives wherever you go. We hope this guide helps you choose healthy food options for yourself. For more such stories, stay tuned!