Ghee is probably the most sacred, spiritual and physically health benefitting substances that is ever known to human beings. A person who is allergic to dairy products or gluten, need not be allergic to ghee. Ghee is considered very auspicious. If the ghee is freshly made and is of bovine origin, expert says it improves complexion, imparts wisdom, memory, strength, luster and nourishes the whole body.

Dr. Ankit Gupta, Consultant - Ayurveda, Diet and Nutrition EGA Wellness, told HerZindagi that " Ghee clears the channels of the body, acts as an aphrodisiac and stimulates the digestive fire. It is the most important ingredient in our food. Most of the Desi ghee available in the market is made from buffalo milk that is very heavy to digest and is responsible for making India diabetes and heart disease capital of the world. Desi ghee made from an Indian cow's milk is the best medicine for our body as it helps in the digestion of food that we eat. It can make or break you - depending upon the source of milk, method of preparation, time and quantity of consumption."

Here is how:

Source of Milk

Our indigenous dairy animals produce A2 milk and India is endowed with rich A2 dairy animals since our civilizations. The Bos indicus cow is the desi breed that produces the A2 milk with the good quality protein but it has been conveniently replaced by the high-yielding crossbreed, popularly known as HF or Holstein Friesian in India which provides the A1 quality of Milk.

ghee ine

A1 Milk is the most abundantly available and the most commonly consumed milk today. A1 milk is obtained from cows of western origin like Holstein Friesian and Jersey. A2 milk, on the other hand, is obtained from cows of Indian origin, like Gir, Sahiwal which may given relatively lesser milk. Betacasomorphin7 (BCM7) is the reason why regular milk is believed to be less healthy than A2 milk. BCM7 is an opioid peptide that is released during the digestion of A1 beta-casein. BCM-7 in A1 milk which is not present in A2 milk and has been held responsible for several undesirable health consequences.

Method Of Preparation

Traditional Method of Preparing Ghee

traditional ghee

The milk is boiled first, Then cooled, set it to curdle at room temperature, Then churned by a wooden churner to extract butter and then butter is heated over cow dung cakes to get ghee.

Western Method of Preparation of Clarified Butter 

Milk is churned in Centrifugal machines to take cream which are heated in boilers to convert to ghee.

The difference between both methods is the process of fermentation. Ghee prepared with fermentation process is easier and light to digest. Comparatively, clarified butter is harder to digest.

Desi ghee means is made only with cow's milk and no preservative. Pure homemade ghee, particularly made from cow's milk comes packed with essential nutrients that are required for a healthy body. On the contrary side, ghee adulterated with vegetable oils and other saturated fats has very high levels of trans-fat, which are harmful to the heart and can result in heart attacks and stroke. High levels of LDL levels lead you at a greater risk of heart diseases.

So the ghee which is prepared as per traditional method, is without adulteration and is consumed in specific quantity is never be a heart attack on a plate.

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A Spoon Of Ghee Full Of Health

ghee at home

Poses no danger to cardiac health and could protect us from almost every health disease even cancer. More and more “modern” families in India today are adopting the so-called “old-style” habit of cooking with desi ghee. What is more, even doctors and nutritionists agree that when consumed in limited quantity, it can strengthen your bone and boost immunity.

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Desi ghee is considered as one of the best immunity boosters in Indian society. It is beneficial for our eyesight, digestive system and even strengthens bones. Desi ghee also promotes healthy skin and hair.

It is a great antibiotic and helps during cold and cough. It is also used on wounds to speed up healing. During pregnancy, desi ghee provides nourishment to both the mother and the child as they need more nutrients.  It can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby strengthens the central nervous system.

So take care of yourself and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such expert opinions and tips.