Migraine is a common problem that many around the world suffer from. It is basically a recurrent headache that affects one side of your head. This health problem tends to increase when weather changes and eventually reaches a level where it becomes intolerable. The person suffering from a migraine cannot really get relief quickly. Because of our work stress, we are more vulnerable to these health conditions. While many of us try depending on medicines, these don't always work well and instead leave our bodies with side effects.  

We got in touch with our expert Dr Divya Sharad for more insights who tells us that "Women are more prone to getting migraine attacks than men. Out of 10 migraine patients, 7-8 are women. This is mainly because of the hormonal changes that women go through including pre-menstrual migraines. Women who fast or sleepless are also prone to migraine pain." She further adds that the common causes of migraines are allergies, tension, high heat, dust and dirt, alcohol consumption, irregular periods, birth control pills, among others.

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migraine pain

When asked 'what are the initial signs of migraine', Doctor Divya said, "When the blood vessels of the brain start expanding, the brain starts producing some chemicals and this leads to the migraine pain. These chemicals pressurize the nerve fibers of the brain and cause a headache. This leads to a strong pain that might last 72 hours or more."
All to our benefit, she shared a secret home remedy. Ghee is one ingredient that can work wonders with Migraine pain. To get rid of the pain, put 2 drops of ghee in the nose, two times a day. You will get instant pain relief. 

 migraine pain

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