After the Coronavirus and lockdown we all have started to eat at home. Takeout and junk consumption has reached its peak. After the fast food chains and restaurants opened people started swarming in and ordering every meal of their day. Looking at such an increase in junk we really need to start eating mindfully. 

Mindful eating is not just eating healthy but eating in a way the healthy food helps your body. It is knowing what you eat instead of eating anything that you are told is healthy. When working from home and an access to the fridge; isolation and boredom can all lead to awful eating habit. Here we have a few things you can follow to eat more healthy and mindfully. 

Plan Ahead 

A big part of eating healthy and mindfully is panning your meals ahead of time. Make a routine since it will not just help you in life but also keep you healthy. Try to wake up early and cook yourself some breakfast and prep the rest of the meals for yourself. 

Panning ahead will not only make it easier for you throughout the day but also while you prep your meals you will learn about the ingredients you are cooking and what you are cooking.

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mindful eating

Try Eating Smaller Portions Of Snacks

Binging on sacks is a sin we all have done more than once in our lives. While watching a movie, series or playing video games you most definitely must have binged on a bag of chips or a couple of chocolates in one go.

Even if you eat snacks throughout the day you should eat smaller portions of it as it will keep your snacking intake less even if they are healthy snacks like a granola bar. For example if you normally eat a big bag of chips you should try to eat 6 chips then eat 6 more after a while whenever you feel like snacking again.

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Know the Difference Between Restlessness, Boredom and Hunger

There is a big difference between being genuinely hungry and  just being bored or restless. When you are bored or restless you feel like doing something. Mostly your legs takes you to the fridge for some snacking. You should only eat when you are genuinely hungry and not bored.

When you are bored or restless and you eat; you basically eat a lot without thinking just because you are bored. So make sure you only eat when yo really need food.

Healthy and mindful eating

Slow Down And Enjoy Your Food

You should slow down and enjoy your food instead of gulping it down. Nowadays people have started to watch a movie or series while eating which makes you eat a lot without thinking. If you want to be healthy and eat healthy you must slow down and focus on your meal. 

Taste the food you are eating; taste each tiny bite and relish it. In Indian culture people eat from their hands as it is believed that it makes our bodies in sync with the five elements of nature. Each finger is an extension of one of the five elements. Indians focus on their meals feeling each granule of food and appreciate it. 

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