Off late, the trend of stocking up on granola has become the new norm. Many have it as a midnight or evening snack when you just want to chomp on something which is not fritters or anything else greasy and creamy. As it is the festive and wedding season is upon us and we want to save ourselves from unwanted calories until we truly cannot stand those snacks. But why has granola become such a favourite all of a sudden? Is it really healthy? Here is a list of benefits that will amaze you and you will definitely get a jar home soon. 

Energy Booster

Granola does not have unhealthy sugars which makes it a good source of energy in a healthier way. The calories are low, the goodness of the dried fruits, nuts, rolled oats and seeds are just perfect. Whether you have granola bars or loose granola, the source of energy is really good. In case you are chomping on a bar then it is low on fat as well but do read the ingredients list. It should not have sugar in it. If you have bars that have sugar, do remember that too much sugar intake can make your body hyperglycemic and you may also be at risk of heart diseases and even something like diabetes.


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The ingredients in granola have soluble fiber that is said to be helpful in reducing cholesterol. This unwanted cholesterol that circulates in your arteries is the last thing your heart needs. The bad cholesterol causes fatty lipids in your arteries and veins and increases blood pressure. It usually seeps into the body via trans fat. This is where granola is said to step in. It helps the body in dealing with LDL and tries to keep the heart strong.

Protein and Fiber

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These bars are a super loaded rich source of fiber and protein that helps in keeping us feel fuller for a longer time. It is also said to be a contributor in the building of our muscles. The soluble fiber in granola helps in improving our metabolism as it cleanses the digestive tract. They also act as an aid for constipation and helps in reducing heartburn. 

Vitamin E

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We all love our hair and wish that it remains in its full glory until our end. That may or may not be possible depending upon your diet, your hair care routine and most importantly, genes, but what we can do is eat the right things to retain them.

It is believed that granola is a good source of vitamin E which is good not just for our hair but for nails and skin as well. If your bowl of granola or granola bar has peanuts, almonds, and other vitamin E-rich goodies then some dose of it may be of help for your crown, nails and skin as well.

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Weight Loss

Those who are on a weight loss journey must have granola but in concentrated quantities. Have it as a midnight stack once in a while or when you crave some namkeen or food that you can chew on while working from home.

Granola makes for an ideal snack and is tasty as well. It is also low in sodium and makes you feel fuller for longer durations which is why you will notice that most backpackers and hikers have boxes of these. 

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