Ever dreamt of consuming fresh vegetables every day without all the fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful chemicals? If yes, you are in for a treat. There are several vegetables that you can grow at home and cut down on the chemicals you take in. If you have ever thought of growing your own veggies in your garden, here are a few veggies that can help you get started. These are low maintenance veggies that can be easily grown in limited space and without putting much efforts. 

Spring Onions (Scallion)

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The spring onions, also known as Scallion, is one of the most underrated vegetables, but it packs in quite a bit of nutrition. It is one of the best sources of fiber and meets almost 80% of our vitamin C and calcium requirements. The good news is that it can easily be grown from its scraps or seedlings. The best time to grow it is in early spring.

Tip: Place the roots of scallions in a jar and pour water in it. Leave it for one week and when the roots start growing, plant its stem in the soil.


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Radish is one of the fastest-growing veggies, even when cultivated in a home garden and can be grown from a seed. They can be easily harvested in three weeks.

Tip: Scatter seeds over the soil and cover lightly and leave it for one week. Then, thin the seeds to about one plant for every two inches of soil.


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One of the best reasons to grow peppers such as green, red and yellow bell pepper, etc at home is that they are not always available fresh in the market, and when they are, they can be quite expensive. Peppers add a lot of flavour and colour to most of the dishes. They are very easy to grow and don’t require too much space or effort. The best time to grow them is in summers.

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Peas are one of the first plants that farmers grow in spring. They are very low maintenance plant and requires sunlight. Homegrown, organic peas taste absolutely different from store-bought ones and are much tastier. However, make sure that you harvest them as soon as they grow or else, they will rot.

Tip: Snap peas are good to plant in early spring as they can withstand climate change. 

Once you start growing vegetables at home, there is no looking back. With practice and a little bit of investment of time and effort, you will be able to grow your own veggies. 

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