Hemp seeds are considered to be a superfood by many as they are highly nutritional and provide a wide range of health benefits. Although these seeds come from the Cannabis sativa plant but they do not have any effect on the mind. These small brown seeds are extremely healthy as they contain fibre, protein, and other healthy fatty acids. Read on to know about all its health benefits.

Good For Heart

white hemp seeds

Hemp seeds play a major role in keeping your heart healthy while maintaining proper cholesterol levels. It is actually the only plant that ensures saturated fats in exact proportions. Therefore, it helps in preventing atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke. 

Also, the presence of amino acids, Gamma-Linoleic acid and Arginine helps in lowering inflammation, improves cardiovascular health and reduces blood pressure.

Improves Digestive health

Hemp is rich in fibre and it is a great source of both soluble as well as insoluble fibre. The fibre present in these seeds stimulates bowel function, thus, preventing constipation. Also, the fibre makes the stomach feel full, lowers cholesterol levels, and slows down glucose absorption.

Relieves insomnia

A lot of people suffer from sleep disorders due to various reasons. To get a peaceful sleep at night, you just need to get a handful of hemp seeds as they are full of magnesium which is known for soothing and relaxing the body. Hemp seeds contain about 50% of the daily recommended dose of magnesium.

Weight Loss

Hemp seeds are a great source of protein as well as fibre along with being low on calories and having high amounts of sodium, therefore, these are really popular with people looking to lose weight. 

The protein present in these seeds helps the body to feel full inhibiting the release of Ghrelin and curbing hunger pangs. Along with this, the fibre present in these seeds absorbs all the nutrients, thus, allowing the body to get all the necessary ones in adequate amounts.

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Good For Skin

black hemp seeds

Hemp seeds can help you fight several skin problems including acne, redness, eczema, dry and dull skin, irritation and many more. This is because of the fatty acids present in the seeds. 

You can either use pure hemp seeds oil by applying it to the skin or consume these seeds directly. Hemp seed oil is an important and popular ingredient in various beauty, skin and hair products because of the antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins present in these seeds.

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Good For Anemic People

Anemia (how to prevent anemia) is a condition that occurs due to the lack of iron in the body and there can be several side effects including lethargy, chest pain, and dizziness. However, you can prevent this condition by consuming hemp seeds as they contain high amounts of iron.

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Regulates Hormones

Hemp seeds act as hormone regulators due to the presence of Gamma-linolenic acid. This is good for the thyroid and pancreas. Along with this, it reduces the numerous symptoms of hormonal imbalance during depression (foods to eat if you are suffering from depression), anxiety, mood swings, and menopause. 

Consume hemp seeds for all the above-mentioned health benefits. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi.